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Dr. Tiffany Moon Dismisses Erika Jayne’s Claims About Refusing Surgery For Tom Girardi After His Car Accident

Erika Jayne is raising eyebrows every time she speaks about Tom Girardi’s infamous car accident.  It’s a shifting story with many twists and turns, just like the road Tom was supposedly driving on.  Or diving off of, depending on which version you remember.

Indeed, many Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast mates are starting to question Erika’s lack of consistency.  Sutton Stracke doesn’t seem so out of line now, does she?  She was just fed to the diamond-encrusted she-wolf by Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley, both of whom joked with their husbands about Erika’s stories.  Nobody is pushing Mauricio Umansky and PK Kemsley to come clean to Erika about speaking behind her back.

In a recent embellishment to Tom’s car crash, Erika said that she denied consent to get Tom ankle surgery because she didn’t want him going under general anesthesia after suffering a traumatic brain injury, or a TBI.

Well, one person who heard the story happens to be a Real Housewives alum with a noticeably platform on social media.  She also is a board certified anesthesiologist.  Yup, Real Housewives of Dallas favorite Dr. Tiffany Moon posted a TikTok video recently refuting Erika’s statement.


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LoveAndyC reposted the video on their Twitter page.  The video plays a clip from RHOBH in which Erika is explaining her decision to refuse Tom’s ankle surgery.  Tiffany then jumps in to say, “Ok, I got a lot of questions this week about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because apparently Erika was on there saying that she had refused surgery for Tom after his car accident because he had a TBI and you shouldn’t be put under general anesthesia if you have a TBI.”

Tiffany then gave a medical explanation  She stated, “I’m going to go ahead and say that that’s not the truth because I work at a Level 1 trauma hospital where we take care of patients with TBI all the time, who then need surgical intervention for some other problem that they have  And although this does complicate the anesthetic management for these patients, having a TBI in and of itself, if the patient is stable, does not preclude you from going under anesthesia.”

Well, those are the facts from a licensed professional.  Do with them what you will.  Tiffany concluded, “So, Erika, I don’t know where you got that medical advice from, but next time, feel free to call me if you need a second opinion.”


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The internet was left to speculate as to whether Tiffany did this video simply as a professional, or trying to throw shade as well.  It’s hard to read her smile at the end of the video, but Tiffany has done it before in a most delightful way


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