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Tiffany Moon Says Brandi Redmond Needs To Be “Less Triggered” When Someone Mentions Brandi’s Video Mocking Asians

Tiffany Moon came into a very rough season on Real Housewives of Dallas. LeeAnne Locken lost her star after making fun of Kary Brittingham’s Mexican heritage and Tiff was tapped to fill the spot. Unfortunately, ignorant comments didn’t end with LeeAnne. Brandi Redmond made a very bad decision when she posted a video ridiculing Asians. What was supposed to be a “humorous take” on her “squinty eyes” proved to be a lesson in what tone deaf means.

As a result, Brandi played the victim-of-her-own-mouth. She checked herself into a wellness center amid suicidal thoughts. She attempted to make amends. But no amount of remorse could make Tiffany less Asian, which apparently made Brandi feel uncomfortable in Tiffany’s company. Tiffany has been nothing but accepting of Brandi, despite her insensitive misstep. But make no mistake, Brandi does not like it when the clip is mentioned. Now Tiffany has some advice for Brandi going forward. The video is here, it’s clear, get used to it.

Brandi put herself in a sketchy spot by raking LeeAnne over the coals for being racist during the Season 4 reunion. After the video Brandi made went viral, it was her turn to take a well-earned trip over the coals. Brandi has apologized, but trying to gain sympathy probably wasn’t the way to go. It’s pretty obvious Brandi wants to forget about it, but the general public isn’t so forgiving.

D’Andra Simmons did an interview prior to the new season detailing how the show tackled racism by “not putting their head in the sand”. It was in no way a slight against Brandi, and it was also a subject that could not be avoided given the sensitive nature. Brandi was offended that D’Andra opened her mouth and Kary co-signed by saying it’s only Brandi’s story to tell. Survey says, that’s a big nope.


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Tiffany checked in with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live and a clip was shared to Twitter. Of course Brandi’s video was bound to come up. A viewer asked Tiffany whose side she was on in regards to the argument between Brandi and D’Andra. The fan also wanted to know if Tiffany thinks it’s D’Andra’s fault the headline became all about Brandi.

Tiffany responded, “You know, I really didn’t have a side when it came to the situation. I sort of understood both sides.”

After that, Tiff said if she had been asked about the video, she probably would have said, “no comment”. “But let’s be honest, I love D’Andra for so many reasons and her lack of opinions is not one of them,” she added. Then Tiffany basically spit some truth salad on the table for Brandi. Grab your napkins, dears.


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She said, “And then Brandi, I mean, she has got to get less triggered because this [the video] exists in the world. If she’s gonna get this mad every time someone brings it up, that’s gonna be a hard life to live.” Dr. Moon makes a very good point here. Brandi made the video, willingly. Maybe Brandi was truly too unaware of proper social norms to know any better, but that theory totally disputes her perceived anger at LeeAnne for essentially doing a similar version of the same thing.

Is there a side to take? How about the side of not making fun of someone who is different than you in any capacity? Brandi’s final shot at redemption would be confronting the video head on at the reunion. Unfortunately, she apparently had to film virtually, because she might have been exposed to Covid. Coincidence or convenient? Tiffany has already said “something will have to give” in order for her to return to RHOD. Perhaps the something to give will be Brandi’s good-bye.


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