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Meghan King Says Her Marriage To Jim Edmonds Was “Embarrassing” & She Was “In Denial”

Meghan King is taking some time to reflect on her life. And sometimes that means taking a walk down memory lane, no matter how hard it is. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star recently started her own YouTube channel and is sharing her thoughts on her former rocky marriage to Jim “Jimmy Dad Jeans”Edmonds.

As reported by Page Six, Meghan donned headphones and decided to do a rewatch of her time on RHOC. The episode she chose was the season 10 premiere where in a particularly awkward scene, Jim ignored Meghan whole she’s trying to talk to him. Meghan rests her hand on her forehead and admits, “So rude. So embarrassing.”

But in the same episode, Meghan gushes about Jim in her confessional. She said at the time, “He completely respects me.” Now she adds, “Denial. I was in denial.” Sadly, all of us could see that as it played out on our screens. She also admitted of her former self, “Oh yeah, I forgot my name is Meghan Edmonds.” But she reclaimed her surname since then and added, “Thank God it’s not [Edmonds] anymore, ugh.”

There’s no doubt that this was a tough watch for Meghan, who shares 3 kids with Jim. After an altercation where police were called to the home they shared, the couple split in 2019. In May of 2021, their divorce was finalized. Back then, Meghan said, “I think it’s, like, an energetic closure, which is important, but I mean, I’ve been learning how to be independent ever since we separated, ever since the divorce was filed, and so that’s almost, I guess, a year and a half now.” Meghan continued. “So it just — it feels good. It feels good to put that behind me and just look to the future. I want to spend my life with a partner. I’m a loyal monogamous individual. I’ve been having a lot of fun dating, but I’m really hoping to settle down and find that partner.”


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Eventually, Meghan did settle down, but not for long. After a three week courtship, Meghan married Cuffe Owens, who just so happens to be President Joe Biden’s nephew. The marriage came as a surprise to pretty much everyone, especially Jim. He commented, “I wondered, ‘Is she pregnant?’ But is it even possible to know that just four weeks after the first date?” Mind your business, Jim! He really seems to love getting attention from talking about Meghan.

Unfortunately, after two months, Meghan and Cuffe split up. She confirmed the break up in an Instagram story in December. She confessed, “I am rattled. This situation is profoundly devastating. This is obviously not what I imagined when I made my vows — and I’m shocked and saddened by the way things turned out. I am moving forward with my children as we privately process our pain and begin to let go of shattered dreams.”


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