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Teddi Mellencamp Claps Back After Noella Bergener Says She “Failed At Life” For Starting A Podcast After Firing From Real Housewives

Noella Bergener just can’t stop making enemies. While she hasn’t even finished her first season of Real Housewives of Orange County, she’s already caused plenty of drama. Both on and off screen. Which I’m sure is exactly what she wanted. She’s battling her soon-to-be ex-husband in the court of public opinion, and I think it’s getting so confusing, no one even knows whose side to take.

When it comes to her castmates, Noella is already gunning for our returning star Heather Dubrow. Who has barely settled back in to the franchise. Why Noella is going after the biggest fish in the pond is beyond me. Wouldn’t she at least dip her toe in the water with an easier target, like Shannon Beador? But I don’t think Noella cares. She’s working for that screen time!

But Noella isn’t about to stop at shading her castmates. She’s also busy mocking former housewives too. Noella recently said,“Now I have learned that if I ever have a podcast — because one day, my day will come that I will not be asked to come back on this and if I have a podcast after that then I have failed at life.” Messy, Messy. As reported by Reality Blurb, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, who hosts the podcast Noella was likely referring to, is shooting back.

Teddi, who was fired from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after 3 seasons, posted to her Instagram stories to slam Noella. Her post read, “If my definition of ‘winning at life’ is that I was on Housewives that would be (cringe emoji)” She added a picture of her family and continued, “This is what I consider winning at life. These loves. Our family. Laughter. Each other.”


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Teddi then tagged Noella in a picture, which features Teddi being cozy with her former costars. Teddi added the text, “Doing Housewives and making life long friends and having a special bond that only some people will ever understand is definitely a highlight. However, very important to not consider being on as ‘winning at life’ and being off ‘failing at life.'”

It’s actually unclear as to why Noella went after podcast hosts after it was Brandi Glanville who appeared on Two T’s In A Pod to talk smack on Noella. As we all know the pod is hosted by Tamra Judge and Teddi. While Tamra has made some unsavory comments about Noella, Brandi was the one ripping on Noella.


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Brandi said of Noella, “I just feel like it’s just too much, too soon, honestly. I think she’s beautiful and everything, but we just started the season, she’s already breaking down in a restaurant and refusing to get out of the restaurant and making a scene. I’m like it just seems phony. Too soon!”

You have to admit, if Brandi thinks you’re doing too much too soon, it might be time to take a step back. But something tells me Noella is too busy trying to secure her orange for next season. She better work hard because if she doesn’t, a podcast might be in her future.


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