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Meredith Marks Shares Hotel Receipts To Prove She Was At Her Father’s Memorial

It’s so hard to even figure out a place to start with Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. It is so chaotic, so dramatic and so incredibly wonderful. How could you not love this season? It’s giving us more in one season than other franchises have done in multiple seasons. And there’s good reason for that. Despite some side fighting (I’m sorry Whitney Rose, but we don’t care that Mary Cosby doesn’t like you), there is one looming issue. The epic arrest of Jen Shah on camera. And what, if anything, Meredith Marks had to do with it.

As we all know, Jen was tracked down by the FBI and Homeland Security while the women were waiting on a party bus to go to Vail on a cast trip. Jen fled before they arrived, but they ultimately caught up to her on the side of the road. But the knowledge that Jen was sitting in the parking lot of Heather Gay’s business brought up some conspiracy theories amongst the women. Mainly, where were Meredith and Mary when all this was happening?

Meredith has denied she had anything to do with tipping off the feds. She maintained that at the time, she was at her deceased father’s memorial. But as we saw in the last few episodes, some of her castmates weren’t buying it. Which is really sad, if I’m being honest. Now Meredith has had enough and is coming through with the receipts so everyone can stop the accusations. Meredith tweeted out a screen shot of the booking details she reserved for the memorial. The receipt listed the dates to corroborate Meredith’s account of what happened.

She added to the tweet, “Repulsive as it is, some are still commenting that I faked a memorial. I am not the fake of the group. I answered the question the first night asked at the white party. I went to Aspen on 3/28, had the memorial on3/29 and left for Vail that evening. Receipt below for my hotel.”


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Her next tweet read, “For those of you who have kindly expressed your condolences for my loss, thank you for your kindness and compassion.” She ended it with a heart emoji. Whew guys, this is a rough one. While housewives isn’t exactly known for it’s compassion, there are some lines you just don’t cross.

I was especially shocked to see longtime “friend” of Meredith’s, Lisa Barlow, and Heather discussing their disbelief of what Meredith told them about the memorial. Heather said Meredith mentioned the memorial was on Monday. While Jen pointed out that she thought it was on Tuesday, which is the same day Jen was arrested. Jen also said that Meredith called in the middle of the memorial. So, with seemingly blind loyalty to Jen and a strong desire to flush out Meredith as a liar over the death of her father, the ladies won’t leave it alone.


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And it might just be the last straw for Meredith, who has recently alluded to quitting the show because of the lies being spread about her. Regardless of what you think about Meredith, could you blame her?


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