Heather Gay Reacts To Mary Cosby Calling Her “Chubby”

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is bringing it again this season. These winter queens know how to stir up plenty of drama and throw lots of hilarious shade. Heather Gay is a fan favorite, and I love her.

Heather is RHOSLC co-star Jen Shah’s ride-or-die.  It is still a bit confusing why Heather is so down for Jen. Jen supposedly fat-shamed Heather in some leaked comments. A screenshot of the remarks was shared by realityvontease2. “Bitch… you ain’t a fucking actress. Unless you are auditioning for a manatee or Shrek,” Jen allegedly wrote.

Heather defended Jen for making the comment, stating, “Yea. Shrek is the ultimate anti-hero, so who gives a shit.” Girl, there is no defense for that.

But loyalty is important to Heather. She explained why she is still besties with Jen. “If you want to enjoy the ups, you have to stay with them through the downs. That’s just how I roll,” Heather said.

Meanwhile, Heather doesn’t have the same feelings for Mary Cosby. Mary has been accused of running her church like a cult by former church members. Mary denied those claims.

Mary has also made several racially insensitive comments this season. At Jennie Nguyen’s luncheon, Mary mentioned Jennie’s “slanted eyes.” Mary even used an offensive accent to impersonate Jennie while chatting with Meredith Marks. Not cool, Mary.

Heather admitted that she is afraid of Mary. “Mary terrifies me in a way that is good for Housewives…She reads all of us like a Bible,” Heather commented.


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During the cast trip to Vail, Mary called out Heather for drinking alcohol. Heather accused her RHOSLC co-stars of being too fearful of Mary to speak honestly. Heather and Whitney Rose refused to fly home on the private plane with the group. Mary spoke to Lisa Barlow and called Heather “chubby.”

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asked Heather about Mary’s comment. “[What’s your] reaction to seeing Mary calling you ‘chubby’?”

Heather replied, “I mean, she’s not wrong. Mary speaks Bible truth.” She added, “It’s not comfortable, but it’s generally not wrong.” Body-shaming is never acceptable.

Mary skipped filming the Season 2 reunion, reportedly so she wouldn’t have to address her racially insensitive comments and the rumors that her church is run like a cult. Meanwhile, Jen attended the reunion even though she knew that she would be in the hot seat. Now RHOSLC viewers won’t be able to see Mary held accountable for her behavior.

Mary shared her feelings about the reunion on Twitter. @thottythoughtss on Twitter shared a screenshot. “I didn’t go to the reunion,” Mary wrote. “Those girls don’t deserve my presence. Whitney [Rose] can go jump on a stripper pole for all I care.” That’s the nicest thing Mary has said to Whitney all season.


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Mary added, “I only care about 1 thing my church. Haters can go jump. “PrayForJesus #RHOSLC.” Fingers crossed we have seen the last of Mary on this show.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]