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Meredith Marks Says Real Housewives Cast “Gaslit” Jen Shah On Girls Trip In Zion

Each Real Housewives of Salt Lake City snowflake is special in their own unique way, but Meredith Marks is truly one of a kind. The way she talks, the lore of what she does when the cameras aren’t rolling, her fashion choices — all questionable. And after her latest appearance on Watch What Happens Live, she even has me second-guessing her stance on Jen Shah, whom I thought Meredith would never have a chance of forgiving in this lifetime.

The friendships on RHOSLC are hard to follow. One minute, Meredith and Lisa Barlow are besties while Lisa is calling Heather Gay and Whitney Rose a toxic duo. Now, Lisa is on the outs with Meredith and, somehow, Lisa is getting along with Bad Weather like nothing ever happened. Don’t even get me started on the Jennie Nguyen of it all. I can’t keep up. Meredith was asked on WWHL to give her opinion about the RHOSLC ladies trying to convince Jen that Meredith had something to do with her arrest, which Meredith has denied. After denouncing Jen Shah for months, Meredith actually had something nice to say about Brooks Marks and Mary Cosby’s No. 1 enemy.


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Jen is complicated for me,” Meredith began, only to give an even more complicated statement after. “She was really fed a lot of information by the other women. She was very much gaslit,” she continued. Meredith was shutting Jen down when she was coming to her for information on the Zion trip. Therefore, Meredith believes that Jen “had no outlet” to get the truth at the time. 

In the most shocking statement, Meredith said it was “easy for [her] to forgive” Jen IN THIS INSTANCE ONLY because she believes she was fed misinformation. As I said, it’s still a struggle to follow. But ultimately, her opinion only further reinforces the idea that Meredith might be on her way out of RHOSLC. She’s sick of her co-stars speaking on her name, whether they’re calling her a “whore” or accusing her of faking a memorial for her father. She’s ready to join Mother Mary and Jesus himself on the world outside of the Real Housewives drama, I can sense it.


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