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Meghan King Says Ex-Husband Jim Edmonds “Hates” Her

Divorce isn’t easy. Just ask Meghan King, because she’s been through two and is about to add another one to her list. After a quickie courtship with Cuffe Biden Owens, they split up after just two months together, which will make this her third divorce. Yes, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star is definitely unlucky in love. She’s also admitted to being a “narcissist attracter.”

We all saw how horrible Jim Edmonds treated Meghan during her time on RHOC. But it wasn’t until Meghan did a rewatch on her YouTube channel that she admitted to the fans what we already knew. After watching an episode, she called a scene with Jim “So rude. So embarrassing.” She added, “Denial. I was in denial.” You can say that again. So after watching Jim disrespect Meghan for years, it was not surprise that their divorce was nasty. As if divorce wasn’t hard enough, try throwing kids into the mix.

Meghan, who shares 3 young children with Jim, recently revealed to Us Weekly that things aren’t going so well on the coparenting front. Said Meghan, “I don’t know what coparenting is. I struggle with communication [with him].” The couple, who wed in 2014 and finalized their divorce in 2019, seemed to be on the right track a few years ago. In January of 2020, Meghan said things with Jim were “better.”

It doesn’t look like that lasted long. Meghan now admits that she has the kids “all the time” and Jim “gets visitation.” Which leaves Meghan at a loss when it comes to coparenting advice. Said Meghan, “I don’t know what it is. Like, I don’t. I’d be the one to get advice. In order to coparent, you have to communicate right? Yeah, so that would be a good start. Jim hates me. It’s horrible.”


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According to Meghan, she hasn’t been communicating with Jim “since before” his engagement to Kortnie with a K O’Connor. Meghan said that Kortnie is “the closet thing [she] will ever get to coparenting.” She went on to explain, “That’s saying a lot because I don’t communicate with her either. I don’t think [the kids] like it. I don’t think they know any different, but I don’t think they like it either. I wish we could discuss things about our children, but we can’t.”

But Meghan is finding some uncomfortable solace in revisiting her past marriage as a viewer. She confessed of her YouTube series, “I’m able to rewatch [RHOC episodes] with new perspective, and I’ve had a lot of life under my belt. It’s been really almost therapeutic for me in a way and definitely eye-opening to see what other viewers saw through watching the show whereas I was too in it at the time to be able to give perspective.”

Here’s hoping that much needed perspective carries over to her next relationship. Meghan just announced that she’s dating again. She revealed, “I’m going on dates and stuff. I’m single again and it’s fun. I’m actually having fun with it. I’m not looking to settle down and like, have another baby, get married. I’m good.”


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