Celebrity Big Brother 3: Episode 4 – New HOH and Nominees Revealed

The whirlwind that is Celebrity Big Brother 3 continued Sunday night as we find the game already entering a second HOH of the season. UFC Champ Miesha Tate took out Teddi Mellencamp during her HOH reign, but there are still 10 houseguests remaining and only one can win…and after Sunday’s episode, there are just 11 episodes left, which means we can expect a lot more fireworks to come over a very short span!

The first HOH and vote always allows for the houseguests to establish lines in the sand, and after the 5-3 ousting of Teddi, Carson Kressley and Cynthia Bailey were convinced that Shanna Moakler was the third vote against Todd Bridges…that is, until Shanna let them know that she jumped from their sinking ship. The realization that Shanna betrayed Teddi and their alliance was a shock, and it let Carson and Cynthia know that they were now pretty much alone in this game. Not just that, but Miesha also had become convinced that Carson was the house’s absolute biggest threat.

Shanna not only went with the house majority, but it was revealed that she and Chris Kirkpatrick had made a Final Two deal in the game’s opening days. Shanna’s actions proved to be solid when Kirkpatrick emerged victorious in the Rotten Potatoes Head of Household competition, making him the game’s newest HOH.

Somewhat hilariously, Chris Kirkpatrick is in the “Athlete’s Alliance” (typical jocks, they can’t even come up with a cool name for their alliance!), along with Miesha, Lamar Odom and Todrick Hall. Kirkpatrick may be many things, but “athlete” isn’t one of the first words that jumps out. His HOH victory pretty much meant that all of these “athletes” were safe, but as we soon would find out, it doesn’t mean that they all are seeing the game the same way. Kirkpatrick received STRONG pushback from Miesha who was insisting that he target Carson, even though Kirkpatrick plainly told Miesha that targeting Carson wasn’t the best for his own game. That didn’t stop her from pushing, to the point where it might have made Kirkpatrick a little apprehensive towards her.

Kirkpatrick instead sees Mirai Nagasu as his biggest personal threat, and also as someone he can target who is somewhat “in the middle” of Miesha/Todrick on one side and Carson/Cynthia on the other. Kirkpatrick also discovered that both Lamar and Todd planned to be incredibly loyal to him and his wishes this week, which meant that Mirai could be in serious trouble if she doesn’t win herself safety.

When it came time for nominations, it was Mirai after all who found herself on the block, alongside Chris Kattan, who is one strange cat. Kattan seems to be clueless to the game, and thus far has existed as some sort of odd comic relief or distraction from the stresses of the game. His highlight of the episode was how he kept sneaking into the kitchen late at night to eat cake…straight from the pan, which most likely made even mild germaphobes squirm. Carson quipped that the cake had been “Kattan-minated” (contaminated).  Kattan was shocked – shocked! – at his nomination, mainly because he may not have realized as of yet that there’s a game of Big Brother happening around him.

Monday night’s episode will feature the next POV and we’ll see if Mirai is able to save herself from what looks like eminent danger. It also will bring us a live eviction. Again, things are moving quick, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Here’s the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother Episode Schedule:

Week 2

Monday, Feb. 7 – 9-10 PM (POV competition and live eviction)

Wednesday, Feb. 9 – 8-9 PM (presumably the HOH competition and nominations)

Friday, Feb. 11 – 8-10 PM (two-hour live show and eviction)

Week 3

Sunday, Feb. 13 – 8-9 PM

Monday, Feb. 14 – 9-10 PM

Wednesday, Feb. 16 – 8-9 PM

Friday, Feb. 18 – 8-10 PM

Saturday, Feb. 19 – 8-9 PM

Week 4

Sunday, Feb. 20 – 8-9 PM

Monday, Feb. 21 – 9-11 PM

Wednesday, Feb. 23 – 8-9 PM (finale)

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