Celebrity Big Brother 3: Episode 7 Recap – Kattan Quits, Another Houseguest Backdoors Himself

By the time that last night’s two-hour “live” episode of Celebrity Big Brother aired, news had already broke that one of the houseguests had quit the game. It was no surprise then that this person was Chris Kattan, who spent his limited time in the house either sleeping, sneaking late-night cake, or generally sticking to himself. He didn’t seem to know about the game, its purpose, or why he was even in the Big Brother house at all…and worse for fans, didn’t seem to want to learn either. Hey, say what you want about Lamar Odom, who has no idea how the game works and recently found out that the “diary room” sessions were in fact televised, at least Lamar appears to make somewhat of an effort to understand what he’s involved in.

Kattan did tape a farewell message to his houseguests, after unceremoniously checking himself out of the game. No real reason was given other than he “had a really tough time” in the house and literally asked to be voted out during the last eviction. So it’s so long to Kattan, who leaves with what was surely one of the strangest runs in the history of either version of the show.

Kattan‘s departure didn’t affect what was planned for the two-hour live show, although who knows how it might have affected future shows (did they, for example, cut a planned upcoming double-eviction now that they are short one houseguest? We may never know). But even though he removed himself, it didn’t really seem to have any affect on the actual game that was going on. Miesha Tate was still the HOH, and Cynthia Bailey and Carson Kressley were up on the block.

The real drama of the episode revolved around the “ride-or-die” alliance of Shanna Moekler and Chris Kirkpatrick, who found themselves in the precarious spot of being in-between two sparring factions in the house. Although one side of the house – Carson and Cynthia – were up on the block and vulnerable, Shanna and Chris were very worried about who Miesha and her closest ally Todrick Hall, would decide to put up as a replacement nominee should either Carson or Cynthia win the upcoming POV and pull themselves off. Thinking – correctly? – that either Shanna or Chris might get put up, the duo decided to work a deal with Carson and Cynthia that they would indeed use the POV on one of them in an attempt to “flip the house” and up-end Miesha’s HOH and her apparent control of the game.

After a somewhat hilarious reindeer-themed POV competition, Shanna won her second POV of the season. During the comp and before the POV win was official, Miesha began whispering with Shanna telling her that it was OK if she wanted to use the POV, but to only use it on Cynthia and not Carson. As we and everyone in the house knows, Carson has been Miesha’s number one target for a while now, and she wanted to guarantee that he would remain on the block so that he could be sent home.

Little did Miesha know though, Shanna‘s plan was in place to use the POV to take Carson off the block after all. The scuttlebutt in the house was that Miesha would put Todd Bridges up, but this plan also risked the idea that she could put Chris Kirkpatrick up instead…what made this idea turn from “risky” to “stupid” is that this plan was thought up by Kirkpatrick himself, creating a scenario in which he might “backdoor himself” and end up on the block alongside Cynthia.

What sealed Kirkpatrick‘s fate was a conversation that Miesha had with him, where she pulled him aside and tried to make sure that they had each other’s back. Miesha had been noticing Kirkpatrick’s overall aura toward her had recently changed, and she was also getting constant feedback from Todrick as to how big a threat Kirkpatrick was. But she seemed genuine when she tried to get Kirkpatrick to tell her that he would vote out Carson. Kirkpatrick shockingly was not able to tell her what she wanted to hear, and his shiftiness cemented the fact for Miesha that he was no longer on her side. Shanna too, tells Miesha that if she uses the POV at all, it would be on Cynthia and not Carson.

So when Shanna decided to actually use the POV to save Carson, that action alone was proof that Miesha‘s HOH would not go as she had planned, that her main target had escaped eviction and that Shanna and Kirkpatrick had picked a side. Because Shanna was safe after winning the POV, Miesha responded by putting Kirkpatrick up on the block. Shanna was the only one in Kirkpatrick’s corner, and Kirkpatrick might have gained another vote after a loud shouting match broke out between Cynthia and Todd…if Todd were to vote out Cynthia, along with Shanna’s vote, Kirkpatrick would need just one more vote to remain in the game.

But ultimately, he wouldn’t find it. Lamar was going along with Miesha and Todrick wanted Kirkpatrick out…Carson would never vote out his closest ally Cynthia. Knowing that Kirkpatrick couldn’t be saved, both Todd and Shanna ended up voting him out too, making Kirkpatrick’s eviction a unanimous 5-0 vote.

The episode ended with the beginning of an endurance HOH competition, where Miesha was not able to compete having just been HOH. The comp played out on the live feeds last night, and will be revealed on the next televised episode, set to air this Sunday night.

With Miesha not eligible for HOH, she is in a world of trouble unless Todrick pulls out the HOH win. After running the house for the first half of the game, things are about to get interesting as the power in the house seems to be shifting away from her.

Here’s the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother Episode Schedule:

Week 3

Sunday, Feb. 13 – 8-9 PM (HOH comp results, and two celebrities nominated for eviction)

Monday, Feb. 14 – 9-10 PM (POV comp and live eviction episode)

Wednesday, Feb. 16 – 8-9 PM

Friday, Feb. 18 – 8-10 PM

Saturday, Feb. 19 – 8-9 PM

Week 4

Sunday, Feb. 20 – 8-9 PM

Monday, Feb. 21 – 9-11 PM

Wednesday, Feb. 23 – 8-9 PM (finale)

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