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Kathy Hilton Denies Sending Lisa Rinna A Cease And Desist Following Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Fight In Aspen

What exactly is going on in Aspen?? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been filming their season 12 cast trip there and rumors have been spreading like wildfire. Reports of fighting between cast members, dust ups in private clubs and fleeing to hotels in sprinter vans have all been leaked.

Unfortunately, our favorite friend of, Kathy Hilton, has found herself stuck in the middle of all this craziness. Which is probably why she really resisted coming on the show for so long. Gossip leaked that Kathy had a blow out with a staff member at a private club the ladies partied at after filming stopped.

Kathy, who is a member and frequents the establishment whenever she is in Aspen, was allegedly treated poorly by a staff member. All because she asked the DJ to play a Michael Jackson song. A distraught Kathy was then escorted back to cast lodging by Lisa Rinna and supposedly refusing to film.

Lisa, who is no stranger to garnering attention on social media, posted a cryptic message to her Instagram stories. She wrote, “Oh damn are we back to cease and desist? Ooof.” Then she quickly deleted it, true to Rinna form. So who sent her one? Sources were buzzing that it was Kathy. But Kathy’s reps told Radar Online that’s not the case. He reps clarified that Kathy “filmed all day yesterday” and “has not sent a C&D to Rinna.” Additional sources claim that the two castmates are on great terms.

But eagle-eyed fans were sure something was going down when Kathy sent out an SOS to her husband Ricky Hilton on social media. Kathy commented on his Instagram page, “Please call me I need to get out of here now!!!!!” She later brushed it off as no big deal. She explained, “The girls did have some squabbles.”


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As for her plea for help, she revealed, “I lost my phone, which I do. I was left in the house by myself at one point. And it was about 3:00 in the morning. My husband puts his phone in his office, and I know at about midnight he’s on his iPad, and he’ll be scrolling through.”

She concluded, “I knew I’d catch him by saying, ‘Call me, get me out of here,’ because I did have my iPad, 10 percent left, no charger. And I started getting scared, hearing all the noises. I didn’t know what to do.”

Kathy isn’t the only one being subjected to rumors coming out of the Aspen trip. Erika Jayne is allegedly being piled up on by her castmates. And supposed friend Rinna is the one who accused her of questionable drinking habits. Eyewitnesses claimed that producers had to stop filming since Erika wasn’t there to defend herself against such serious claims.


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It’s important to note that so many of these leaks are unconfirmed. And maybe they are being strategically placed to get fans wound up for the season. But if there is any truth to them at all, I will be watching every week, popcorn in hand. Who am I kidding? I will be watching no matter what.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]