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Sutton Stracke Says She’s “Trying To Pick Up The Pieces” After Dramatic Aspen Cast Trip

With everything I’m hearing coming out of season 12 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the premiere cannot come soon enough. All the (probably well planted) rumors are stemming from a cast trip in Aspen. I don’t know what is in the air in Aspen, but clearly it’s a beacon of drama for housewives. Reports already came out that Kathy Hilton got into it with a private club staff member. Unfortunately, it happened after the cameras went down. Is that the real reason Kathy sent out an SOS on social media to husband Rick Hilton? She said it was all a simple misunderstanding, and an entertaining one at that. But the gossip about Aspen being the trip from hell continued.

To make matters juicer, Lisa Rinna was accused of shutting down production after a particularly wild cast fight. The rumor was debunked, but it kept fans wondering who exactly was fighting. Allegedly, the cast started to pile up on Erika Jayne for how she’s handling all her legal woes. Rinna stepped in to help her latest best friend and whisked her away. A source claimed, “Lisa stepped into a scene where the girls were piling up on Erika and being really mean to her, so Lisa pulled her out and took her home. When Lisa pulled Erika out they kept on filming and they filmed them in the sprinter on the way back to the house. They were filmed on the private jet and then they all went home.”

Now cast member Sutton Stracke, who sparred with Erika last season, is trying to recover from the whole ordeal. She recently told People that she and her castmates are “still unpacking… in more ways than one.” She added, “I think we’re all still trying to pick up the pieces and figure it all out. Truly, I do.”


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Given her history with Erika, it’s not a stretch to assume that some of the fighting revolved around the two. And Sutton’s recent unfollowing of Erika on social media is only adding to the possibility. As for where they stand now, Sutton demurred, “You never know, you never know.” Sutton continued, “This season is boggling my own mind, so when that happens, when I get confused, when I have to go home and think about things, then we’re in trouble.” I’m just picturing Sutton with her purple face roller trying to process all this.

The trip took such a toll on her that she even admitted that she’s taking a break from her usual cooking routine on Super Bowl Sunday. Said Sutton, “Look, these girls have got me tired, so I’m not actually cooking this year.”


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She concluded, “At the end of the day, I think all of us try to connect with one another. We all have our strifes and we try to figure it out. I mean, I hope that’s what we all do. Look, I went to an all-girls school, so I’m always like, ‘Come on, girls. Let’s get it together.’ ”


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