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Real Housewives Of Potomac Star Ashley Darby Doesn’t Want Any More Kids

Ashley Darby’s life has drastically changed since she first joined Real Housewives of Potomac. When we met her six seasons ago, she was a carefree yoga enthusiast with a much older husband, Michael Darby. His cheating rumors and alleged inappropriateness dogged the couple for multiple seasons. But it didn’t stop them from moving forward and making Ashley’s dreams of being a mother come true.

The couple share two kids, 2 year old Dean and 11 month old Dylan. But now Ashley is revealing that there will be no more baby announcements coming out of the Darby household. She recently told E! News, “Michael and I made a deal to only have two kids. He’s already talking about a vasectomy. So, we’ll see. He’s 61, about to be 62, to be fair.” Despite wanting to stop at 2, Ashley loves being a parent. She enthusiastically added, “It’s the best. It’s a blessing that I get to spend this time with my kids.”

Ashley continued, “You know, a lot of milestones that kids have, their parents miss out on because they have to work or they have other obligations, but I didn’t have any other place to be. I had my second son on March 2, 2021, so in the pandemic. And I’ve just gotten to spend so much time with them.”


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Since Ashley’s pregnancies clocked so much screen time during her tenure on RHOP, she was often left out of the larger fights. Season 6 reunion guest host Nicki Minaj pointed out to Ashley that she “didn’t have much of a storyline.” But Ashley has no plans to leave the show. She’s even ready to try Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Ummmm, someone please make that happen STAT!

Ashley maintained of her time as a housewife, “I do have a lot of time left in me, definitely. I think that you do know when it’s time. Just like anything, whether it’s a job, a lot of people don’t stay at jobs for 20, 30, 40 years…I think when it’s time, I’ll know.” But Ashley has still considered what life would be like off the show. Said Ashley, “I think, like, once a season I have a moment where I regret doing HousewivesWhether I’m arguing with a friend, or one of my friendships has fallen out, whether I feel like an argument has gone too far [or] there’s something in my personal life, whether it’s family or my marriage or something. Yes, I do, I have like a little moment, every season.”

As for her marital issues being on full display, she confessed, “We definitely have had our share of issues [and] some of them have been very public. Ultimately, I think that it’s reminding myself that Michael is the person I chose to spend my life with.”


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She continued, “So, if I can look at him and still love him, still care about him, forgive him and want to keep going with him. Then that’s when I can’t let what other people say affect me, because the reality is they’re not living my life. They’re not married to my husband. When I remember that, it centers me and I’m like, ‘Yes.’ But it’s certainly not an easy thing.”

She does admit that she thinks her “crazy” life lends to her appeal on the show. “I think that’s also why I’m on the show because I do have a very roller coaster life. I always have,” she admitted.


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When it comes to RHOP, Ashley believes that her relationships with OG castmates, Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon and Karen Huger keep the show interesting. She explained, “because we are really genuine.” Ashley concluded, “The reality is that everyone’s life goes through ups and downs. And we, as a cast are more willing to be upfront about it, and to be honest about it.  Even if we don’t want to be honest, we sort of have to be, whether the press forces you or whomever, but the fact that we are so willing to share our true lives and to really share our triumphs and our downturns I think contributes to why we have had such longevity.”


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