Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star Margaret Josephs Sued For $180K For Failing To Meet Mortgage Payment Deadlines

Margaret Josephs can get messy on Real Housewives of New Jersey. But like some of her castmates, her finances are supposedly just as messy. Margaret is no stranger to the court room. She was previously sued over allegations of copying designs for her Macbeth Collection. She was found guilty and was ordered to pay $300k in damages to Vineyard Vines, who alleged trademark infringement.

Now Radar Online is reporting that Margaret is being sued again, this time with husband, Joe Benigno. The couple are being accused of not paying $180K in settlement payments. The payments stem from a past lawsuit on their New Jersey home foreclosure. The suit claims that they failed to meet mortgage payment deadlines. This caused two of their properties with another couple to default.

The plaintiffs, Charles Ardito and Camille Ardito said they purchased two homes after making a deal with Margaret and Joe. They said they entered into the agreement after Marge said one of the properties “could be quickly flipped for a profit.”

Marge and Joe allegedly agreed they would purchase one property for $1.1 million. The other was to be purchased for $1.4 million. Charles and Camille are claiming that the reality tv stars bought the first home for “$1,500,000 instead of $1,100,000. The purchased the second house for $1,800,000 instead of $1,400,000.” Marge and Joe still live in the $1.8 million property.


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Court documents say, “The agreement called [the Arditos] to provide $400,000 for the purchase of the properties. [The Arditos] eventually provided $440,000 to be used by [Josephs and Bengino].” Marge and Joe agreed to contribute up to $180,000 towards the purchase price of the properties.

The lawsuit alleges that Marge and Joe “falsely represented that there were no judgments against them” when applying for the mortgage loans. Legal documents read, “Between the two of them, Defendants had judgments entered against them totaling over $330,000 that would constitute liens on the Properties, if docketed, and they soon were after the closing.” Charles and Camille claim Marge and Joe failed to make mortgage payments on the properties. The failed payments caused the properties to default on loans in 2017.

Charles and Camille also maintain they “were unaware that the Foreclosure Action had been filed.” They allege they were not notified by Marge and Joe. The RHONJ stars then settled out of court for an undisclosed amount that was set to make in payments. But they allegedly didn’t make those payments either and ended up defaulting again. The $180k they are currently being sued for is for the remaining amount of the settlement they have not paid yet.


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As shown on RHONJ, Marge and Joe have renovated the property in question. One of their storylines features her nagging him to get it done while he drags his feet. Neither Marge or Joe have responded to the lawsuit yet.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]