Margaret Josephs

Report: Margaret Josephs Slapped With A Tax Lien From The IRS!

It’s probably time for Margaret Josephs to stop being as delusional and in denial as Teresa pretending her financial problems are no big deal, because the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star was hit with an almost $200,000 tax lien from the IRS.

Hands raised of those surprised that another Real Housewife is in serious debt but ignoring it?

I’m actually shocked it took this long for the news to leak because way back in October of 2016 (while filming RHONJ) the IRS placed a lien against Margaret for $197,066.98.

According to a new report, Margaret owes $189,342.89 in back taxes from 2012, and another $7,724.09 from 2014. This giant debt falls on top of Margaret’s houses being in foreclosure, and an outstanding lawsuit Margaret is dealing with for copyright infringement related to designs for her Macbeth Collection. Margaret was remiss in paying the original judgement and was taken back to court with the company seeking another $9.4 million.

Margaret claims both the lawsuit and the foreclosure are a misunderstanding which she and her husband Joe are handling, but with the tax lien added to this mess it appears that Margaret is as much of a delusional disaster as Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub (who tried to pretend she moved because of harassment instead of foreclosure)!  Good thing Marge will be back next season to shine some light on all these situations…

Radar Online did some sleuthing and discovered that as of Feb 14 2018, Margaret still owes the IRS and is accruing interest and penalties every day she is in arrears. Eeks.

At this point I’m thinking that whomever is in charge of correctional institutions in NJ needs to build a RHONJ wing – complete with financial education classes! Or maybe the ladies of the garden state need a special intervention from Suze Orman (working with Tabatha to take over) – imagine what a great television spinoff that would be!

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Photo credit: Bravo TV