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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Praises Heather Dubrow And Terry Dubrow For Supporting Their LGBTQ Children

Braunwyn Windham-Burke may no longer appear on the Real Housewives of Orange County, but that doesn’t mean she’s not still a fan of the show. And recently, she became an even bigger fan of Heather Dubrow. Especially when it comes to Heather and Terry Dubrow‘s unwavering support of their children. Most specifically, their LGBTQ+ identifications.

As Heather put it on the show, she has four children. All of whom are different genders with differing sexualities. And nobody on RHOC is hiding it. Max Dubrow recently shared that she was bisexual. Unfortunately, this caused a whole lot of unnecessary drama from Noella Bergener, who should have known better as a bisexual woman. You never make it about the children. You apologize and move on.  But I digress.

Kat Dubrow also came out as a lesbian. This revelation has led to some really beautiful conversations between her and Heather. While gardening, none the less. And, I think, a lot of teachable moments. It’s really nice to see.

According to E! News, Braunwyn agrees. “I think Housewives reaches parts of the country that are a little more conservative and might not see this, and so I really think that what Orange County is doing, what the Dubrows are doing in particular, is just so beautiful.” Agreed.


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Afterall, Braunwyn knows what she is talking about. Her son Jacob Windham Burke identifies as an effeminate man, who likes to dress in drag. And Braunwyn showcased that side of him on RHOC, where we all got to meet Devine Devon. In Braunwyn’s own words, “The way that they are showing unconditional love to their family is just so beautiful.”

I’m sure that this means more to Braunwyn than most. She didn’t come out as a lesbian until she was an adult.  A married adult with seven children I might add. And while she and Sean Burke have stayed married while Braunwyn dates women, it can’t be easy. Especially when she has admitted to never being attracted to men. That can’t be something that was easy for Sean to hear.

All in all, this goes to show why Heather and Terry‘s support of their children would mean so much to her. And why she would feel the need to comment about it. Someone is showing a whole lot of growth here. And I’m totally here for it.


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