Heather Dubrow Says There Are No Paparazzi In Orange County Following Braunwyn Windham-Burke Allegations That She Staged Photos; Heather Says “You Have To Call Them”

Braunwyn Windham-Burke really did the most during the latest Real Housewives of Orange County season… both on the show and on social media… and in interviews. It really turned into The Braunwyn Show, which many of us grew tired with.

She just seemed to do whatever she could to be seen, including hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of her at a Black Lives Matter protest. Trying to spotlight yourself during an event like that is just beyond cringe-worthy. Since then she “just happened to be photographed” while she and husband Sean Burke were walking out of a sex shop. Really? Paparazzi just happen to be following a second-season Real Housewife who lives in Orange County, California? No one believes that. Just like no one believes that the paparazzi “just happened to photograph” pictures of Braunwyn with her new girlfriend Kris. Kelly Dodd called her out for saying it was all staged, and, clearly, she’s right.

Normally, Kelly and Heather Dubrow never agree on anything, but they actually do have the same opinion on this one. However, Heather took a much more subtle approach. She didn’t even mention Braunwyn’s name, but it was so clear who she was talking about during today’s episode of Daily Pop.

Heather said,”I heard recently, I don’t really… I haven’t watched [Real Housewives of] Orange County since I left the show, but I heard there was some controversy about paparazzi.” I love how she had to throw in that dig about not watching the show that made her famous.


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Heather added, “I want to just for the record there are no paparazzi in Orange County. You have to call them.” And just for good measure, she emphasized, “You have to call someone.”

She may not have known Braunwyn’s name, but that didn’t stop her from name-dropping. Heather said, “I run into Khloe Kardashian and tons of people who always have paparazzi, there’s no paparazzi in Orange County. Ever.”

And, there you have it, Braunwyn continues to bring the fake to Real Housewives of Orange County.


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