Real Housewives Of Miami Reunion Trailer: Nicole Martin Comes Under Fire From OGs; Adriana De Moura Continues Feud With Larsa Pippen

The Peacock reboot of Real Housewives of Miami proves that good things truly are worth the wait. During the hiatus, the Real Housewives production process was perfected while the Miami ladies continued to live their over-the-top lifestyles until the world was ready for their return. Season 4 had everything — drama, drunken debauchery, lavish trips, and, of course, messy friendship dynamics. The ladies even called 911 for a hangover. It was perfect.

E! Online unveiled the trailer for the upcoming RHOM reunion that further shows that Miami girls just do it better. First of all, the ladies’ fashion is ON POINT, with a special shout-out to newbie Guerdy Abraira. They can bring the glam and a spectacle. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills can hardly do either — they need to take notes.

Secondly, the set of the reunion is textbook Miami. It screams Versace mansion and deserves a shout-out. The final piece of evidence to prove that RHOM is the best is that they decide to KICK OFF the reunion with a round of tequila shots. No one is doing it quite like them.

The two-part reunion trailer is full of drama, but doesn’t rely on physical fights, walk-outs, or any of the usual housewives’ schticks to get our attention. It’s just textbook good TV. Newbie Dr. Nicole Martin takes quite a few hits from her co-stars. Things between Nicole and Alexia Echevarria get pretty heated, but we knew Alexia was going to bring plenty of fodder for this reunion.

Marysol Patton also continues to come for Nicole, giving a half-hearted “congratulations” paired with the least enthusiastic clap of all time in response to her engagement news. Marysol is sipping tea and spilling it left and right. Mama Elsa would be proud.


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Back to Alexia, Andy Cohen, of course, has to ask her about her son Peter Rosello’s arrest after allegations of domestic violence. And his contentious relationship with Todd Nepola. Alexia denied Peter’s allegations, and lucky for her, Peter’s case has been dismissed. Her life could truly be its own show and I’ll always be rooting for Team Alexia.

Of course, Adriana de Moura comes into the reunion to stir the pot as the true star of RHOM. Her argument with Larsa Pippen about (of all things) Kanye West’s penis seems to be far from over. She also is in the hot seat about her relationship with Julia Lemigova, as Andy asked the two besties how far they’ve gone with each other, physically. The question went unanswered for now, but I’m sure whatever it is, it will be thoroughly entertaining.

Adriana also finds herself arguing with Guerdy, probably because they are incapable of effectively communicating with one another. This tension clearly runs deeper than their opposing senses of style. It’s the petty drama like this that makes Real Housewives so great.


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Lisa Hochstein also appears to briefly talk about her mess of marriage to Lenny Hochstein, but that’s probably the least interesting part of the whole trailer. Now if she was talking about the swinging accusations, she may have piqued my interest. Miami Barbie needs to really bring it next season, because her storyline is stale.

Peacock is set to premiere the RHOM reunion on Peacock on March 3 and March 10. I’ll be getting my popcorn and my cockies ready, because this one is going to be good.

Check out the Real Housewives of Miami trailer below.


[Photo Credit: Jeff Daly/Peacock]