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Amanda Batula Calls Paige DeSorbo A Good Friend For Questioning Her Decision To Marry Kyle Cooke

Watching Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke stuff wedding invitation envelopes on Summer House was actually painfulPaige DeSorbo would agree. I can’t believe they asked their friends to risk a paper cut in an effort to cement this toxic and mortifying excuse of a relationship. So far, Paige is the only one who has called the struggling couple out.

In an episode this season Paige earnestly reminded Amanda that “calling off a wedding is less scary than, in 15 years, hating your f–king life,” before adding, “You can’t make people change no matter how much you love them.” Amanda, who tends to be very reasonable aside from her patience with her man-child-fiance, took the reminder well.

Paige is a very good friend of mine,” Amanda told Page Six. “She was a bridesmaid in my wedding. She’s one of the few people who’s also on a TV show, so we’re able to relate on a level that a lot of people can’t.”

Amanda appreciated the on camera accountability check from Paige. So evolved. Amanda said, “[Paige] knows me really well and she knows that I don’t share too much. I do keep things bottled up sometimes and when she sat me down, what she was trying to tell me is that it’s OK to have these thoughts and feelings.”


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“She was doing her job as a good friend and looking back at it, I watch that moment and it just makes me appreciate our friendship even more,” Amanda beamed. I also loved Paige’s sage advice for her friend. I’m still not sure how someone so in-tune could also be paired off with Southern Charm’s Craig Conover right now.

“I couldn’t imagine how difficult it must have been for her to say that to me. I will always appreciate that moment. I wish it didn’t have to happen, but it was really special,” Amanda continued. “It’s kind of like the question no one wants to ask and she fell on the sword. It was tough to watch.”


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Meanwhile, Amanda tried to defend her perpetually drunk and belittling partner, Kyle, by saying the scenes shown are overly edited. She argued, “There’s so much more that they couldn’t show because there’s only so many minutes in an hour,” before adding, “but three or four days later, we’re sitting down with a therapist and we’re like, ‘Alright, yeah, here’s what we need to work on.’”

Imagine needing a therapist to understand not calling your soon-to-be-wife a “b****

and saying she’s merely your business partner.


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