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Bethenny Frankel Sends $10 Million In Aid To Ukrainian Citizens Fleeing War

Bethenny Frankel is heeding the call to help again. The former Real Housewives of New York star is well known for her humanitarian work and disaster relief aid through her BStrong Foundation. She created the non-profit organization in 2017 and has helped victims of hurricanes, earthquakes, and even COVID-19 relief. BStrong is a worldwide initiative in partnership with Global Empowerment Mission.

Now, Bethenny is jumping into action to help Ukrainian citizens fleeing from the Russian invasion. As reported by New York Post, Bethenny is sending $10 million in aid. In the last few days, Bethenny has taken to her Instagram account to update people on BStrong’s work. The organization is concentrating its efforts on helping Ukrainian women and children who have fled to the Polish border.

Bethenny shared in an Instagram story, “So we’re really dealing with women and children at the border in Poland. We just had an incident with a woman whose husband was pulled out of the car. He was taken because he’s Ukrainian, and the men can’t leave.” She continued, “He’s never held a gun in his life, and now he’s a soldier, so she’s coming through with her family, and we have to get her family to Spain, where she has family because she doesn’t have family in Poland.”

Last week, Bethenny announced that BStrong would assist those leaving Ukraine to find safety after they were attacked by Russian forces. She committed sending 100,000 hygiene kits, survival kits and sleeping bags for victims crossing the border into Poland. Bethenny also said that financial donations would go to “individual cases and families through cash, cards and plane tickets.”


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Bethenny also told those watching that the BStrong team would be at a welcome booth at an entry center on the Polish border. She shared, “Money is flying in and this is what it’s going to be used for. We’re working with the Polish government. We will have multiple computers and volunteers. People coming in will come up to us, we’ll find out if they have family, where their family is.”

Bethenny added, “Hotels will not be available, so we’ll give them the crisis kits, and then we will be booking them travel to get them where they need to get to. Otherwise, there will be such a backlog at these entry points, and we’ll keep growing this to multiple, multiple entry points.”

Bethenny shared last week that donations were coming in every three seconds. Therefore, BStrong upped it relief goal. Her team said they currently have a warehouse filled with $16 million worth of aid. The crisis kits they will be passing out include blankets, sleeping bags, toiletry kits, nonperishables and water, plus generators.


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A recent update on her Twitter read, “Bstrong has raised 5m dollars in cash for Ukraine. We’ve secured a travel partner & are committing 2m so far to refugee relocation. The 10m in aid will go back into Ukraine. One step at a time.” BStrong is currently accepting donations through Bethenny’s website.


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