Bethenny Frankel Is Ready To “Jump Through Her Phone” If Teresa Giudice Doesn’t Sign A Prenup

If there’s one person you should listen to when it comes to divorce advice, it’s The Real Housewives of New York City alum Bethenny Frankel. After a decade-long battle with her ex-husband Jason Hoppy, she knows a thing or two about the subject. So that’s why when Teresa Giudice recently revealed that she and Luis “Louie” Ruelas aren’t planning on signing a prenup, Bethenny was ready to spring into action to help out her fellow Housewives OG.

This conversation started during a recent Watch What Happens Live episode with The Real Housewives of New Jersey star. Her daughter Gia Giudice served as the bartender while Luis sat front row in the audience. During a round of questioning, Andy Cohen asked Teresa if they were planning on signup a prenup before tying the knot, to which Teresa casually replied, “No.”

Andy was surprised at her answer. After the dramatic ordeal she went through with her previous husband, you’d think she’d want to do everything that she could to protect her family and their assets. However, Teresa continued to act like she didn’t understand why she should sign a prenup, and that’s a sentiment that seems to run in the family because from behind the bar, Gia interjected, asking Andy, “Why? Why would she sign a prenup?”

Andy explained the obvious: you sign a prenup to protect your assets in case the marriage falls apart. It’s especially important when you’re a public figure like Teresa marrying a seemingly regular guy like Luis!

Throughout this entire interaction, Luis was sitting in the WWHL audience, red in the face and giggling in disbelief. Gia then elaborated on her stance, saying, “My dad made her sign a prenup, and I really didn’t like that.”

Andy was speechless, and Teresa went on to explain that Joe Giudice sprung a prenup on her just a week before the wedding, almost sidelining their big day. Despite her initial hesitation, Teresa’s mom convinced her to go through with the prenup, and the rest is history.


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This time around, Bethenny Frankel is the one trying to get Teresa to come to her senses and just sign a prenup before the wedding. In a screenshot captured by the Instagram account Comments By Bravo, the Big B herself commented on the clip from WWHL saying, “I may jump through my phone if @Teresa_Giudice doesn’t sign a prenup @Andy.”

Bethenny is speaking from a place of experience. As Us Weekly reported, she went into great detail about her nightmare divorce during the December 14th episode of her podcast, Just B with Bethenny Frankel. She explained that when she married Jason all those years ago, she thought that since he was just a regular guy, he wouldn’t try to take anything from her in the event of divorce.

“I ended up marrying someone who was just a regular person, who seemed like they could handle all of what’s going on with me, and being in reality television,” Bethenny said. “And I was sort of proud of myself for just marrying someone who had a simple life, and they didn’t come from much, and so they would never want anything from me.”

Bethenny said that she was initially embarrassed by the idea of a prenup but reluctantly worked one out with Jason. She said a lawyer warned her not to sign it because it was “terrible.” Still, she went along with it because she believed that no one would try taking anything from her. But, of course, we know how that turned out. Even with a “terrible” prenup, she wound up in a lengthy, expensive divorce. Imagine what the divorce would be like without a prenup at all.


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On her podcast, she continued to explain her stance on prenuptial agreements, saying, “It’s uncomfortable, it’s awkward. A contract when you get married? It’s an uncomfortable, awkward concept. … If I had known that getting into marriage is the same as getting into business together with a business partner, my eyes would have been more open.”

So, fingers crossed that Teresa listens to Andy and Bethenny, and they get something on paper before walking down the aisle. We’ve seen Teresa endure enough. If this relationship doesn’t work out for some reason, the last thing she needs is a nightmarish divorce to follow.


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