THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA -- Pictured: (l-r) Todd Tucker, Kandi Burruss -- (Photo by: Steve Dietl/Bravo)

Kandi Burruss And Todd Tucker’s Restaurants Still Have “C” Health Inspection Ratings

I love Kandi Burruss. She’s known for being a less than exciting housewife. But I think every franchise needs a level-headed friend who can mediate the drama. Plus, I love watching Kandi actually be successful in multiple business pursuits. But humble at the same time. Aside from multiple spinoffs, the Real Housewives of Atlanta has opened two restaurants in the Atlanta area. Which will be featured as her next spin off series. Kandi and The Gang, will focus on the friends and family operating both restaurantsOld Lady Gang and Blaze Steak and Seafood.

But owning a restaurant isn’t easy, and Kandi and husband Todd Tucker have faced some pitfalls. Specifically when it comes to the keeping up with health inspections. And it hasn’t improved. As reported by Radar Online, both Old Lady Gang and Blaze have not improved on the C ratings they received in 2021.

The last imprecation for Old Lady Gang was in July of 2021. The inspector noted that the manager was not “displaying active managerial control to prevent foodborne illness.” In addition, the inspector saw sliced cheese, raw salmon, and sliced tomatoes being kept at a temperature above 41 degrees. In the weeks prior to that inspection, Old Lady Gang also came up short with inspection criteria. The official overseeing the inspection saw no hand soap in the main kitchen. They also witnessed sliced cheese, raw hamburger, shrimp, chicken and crab cake not being stored at the proper temperature.


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As far as Blaze Steak and Seafood, back in May of 2021, they had a score of 55. It forced them to temporarily close to fix the many issues. The inspector “observed employee switch from working with raw food to ready-to-eat food without washing hands. Food handler touched raw oysters and raw salmon and then proceeded to handle ready to eat leafy greens with the same gloves on improperly.” Expired buttermilk wasn’t disposed of. Also, toxic substances were not properly identified. There were two unlabeled spray bottles of chemicals. And both back doors were open. Which could allow rodents and other animals to come into the establishment.

Additionally, the inspector “observed that the interior of the both ice makers (large in kitchen and small behind the bar) have a large accumulation of pink organic residue.” The issues caused Kandi and Todd to shut down Blaze to correct the issues but they were able to reopen within a few weeks.


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Unfortunately, once they did fix the issues, Blaze only earned a 77 rating and a C score. Which still isn’t great. During the updated inspection, the official “observed hot potentially hazardous food received at less than 135 degrees Fahrenheit.”

So both restaurants hovering at a C rating isn’t good for business. And it sounds like Kandi and Todd could use all the business they can get. It was recently reported that Kandi and Todd’s restaurant group owes $20K in tax debt. No word on whether or not it’s been paid off yet.


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[Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/Bravo]