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Bravo Confirms Spin-Off Shows Based On Kandi Burruss’ Restaurant And Below Deck

After almost a year in the pandemic, December of 2020 revealed some major shifts in the reality of Bravo’s reality tv franchises. It was announced that Below Deck had taken the number one ranking on the network! That means besting every Real Housewife franchise, previously led by Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The most recent Below Deck Mediterranean season was an absolute stunner, with dramatic ripples still making their way through the Bravo-sphere. The current Below Deck Sailing Yacht franchise has also upped the drama and intrigue this season. We’re talking love triangles, anchor drama, and pregnancy announcements! Meanwhile, RHOA is bringing us some SERIOUS love triangle/engagement mess mixed with a whole lot of other drama. Like moths to a dumpster fire, fans can’t look away. No wonder viewers are scrambling for more content from both of these series!

Ask, believe, receive. Bravo has officially announced the addition of a Below Deck spinoff to the roster. It sounds like the new show will be titled Below Deck Adventure. The show will center around wealthy thrill-seekers chartering a mega-yacht trip of a lifetime to experience “YOLO adventures and daredevil activities against some of the worlds’ most beautiful backdrops.” Season one is set to film in the glacial fjords of Norway. Adventure activities set to be filmed include dog sledding, heli-skiing, and cold-water plunges. There will also be fresh caught seafood, hot tubs, and luxury in every shape and form.

Below Deck Adventure will also feature the added twist of cold-weather. The crew will be working to supply high-end luxury while mastering the physical demands of a non-tropical climate. The spin-off is set to premiere in early 2022. Plenty of time to get those earmuffs ready.


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And Below Deck isn’t the only highly rated show set to add a new flavor. Kandi Burruss from Real Housewives of Atlanta will also be getting a spinoff! The working title for this one is “Kandi OLG Project.” This show is set to premiere even earlier, in late 2021. And you guessed it, this one will feature Kandi and Todd Tucker continuing to build their budding restaurant empire. Kandi and Todd will of course be joined by Mama Joyce, Aunt Nora, and Aunt Bertha. Buckle in!

The RHOA spinoff will follow the OLG staff in and out of the restaurant. Viewers will see how workplace slights bleed into the social lives of the staff. The description says, “Everyone at OLG has a passion – be it for dancing, comedy or just to follow in Kandi’s mogul footsteps, and these dreams can get in the way of running food and ensuring customers don’t leave those dreaded one-star Yelp reviews. And the fact that some are single and constantly flirting with the cute clientele – and each other – doesn’t exactly help things either. It’s a monumental task to face, but if anyone can do it, it’s Kandi!”


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