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Kandi Burruss Denies Similarities Between Her Upcoming Restaurant Spin-Off And Vanderpump Rules

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is one of those people who always has a million things on their plate at all times. She started off her career as a singer/songwriter but has dabbled in a little bit of everything. Including Kim Zolciak’s failed singing career. She’s got several successful businesses and a boss attitude to match. And her partner-in-crime Todd Tucker is always by her side, whether he’s helping with projects or taking care of their adorable kids.

While Kandi is always working, her recent seasons of RHOA were light on the drama. She always brings a sexy edge and plenty of hilarious facial reactions, but that’s about it. Her shining moment from Season 13 wasn’t when she was running Cynthia Bailey’s dungeon party as Mistress Angel. It was when she blew up on Kenya Moore for not sharing a crab cake. That’s the Kandi I need to see more of if she comes back to RHOA next season.

And while all of that is going on, Kandi and Todd are also restauranteurs. The past year was a little rocky for their spots, but that didn’t stop Bravo from creating a spinoff show surrounding their restaurant biz. The working title is “Kandi OLG Project” named after her restaurant Old Lady Gang. The will feature Kandi and Todd building their restaurant empire along with her family members and other employees, including the always opinionated Mama Joyce.

However, Kandi recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the show, which some people are quick to compare to Lisa Vanderpump’s spinoff Vanderpump Rules. “The similarity is that she has restaurants, I have restaurants, and we’re both Housewives,” Kandi said. “OK, great. I think that’s where the similarities stop.” OK do I detect some shade?


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Kandi continued to say fans will definitely get to know some of the people that work at the restaurants, whether they’re old or new faces. “I do have some family members that you may not have gotten a chance to know from Real Housewives that do work at the restaurant, so you’ll have some spicy people at work at OLG. Some of them are way more interesting than me, so I cannot wait for you to get to meet them,” Kandi continued. The show is set to start filming soon and will premiere this fall.

Aside from Kandi, Todd and Mama Joyce, Joyce’s two sisters will be heavily featured on the show. If you remember, they’re the pair that joined Mama Joyce in her crusade to prevent Kandi and Todd from getting married. So they definitely not shying away from any confrontations.


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“They’re going to come through, for real,” Kandi said of all the cast members on the OLG show. It sounds like Kandi’s group might be more focused on running a restaurant than LVP’s tribe of 20-something beautiful people trying to make ends meet in Hollywood. But other than that, we’ll have to wait for filming to start to see how the new show turns out.


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