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The Challenge Star Cory Wharton Is Expecting Baby Number Three; His Second With Taylor Selfridge

They don’t call him the most prolific Challenge player for nothing. Although this time, Cory Wharton has kept things at home, and is expecting his third child with live-in baby number two mama, Taylor Selfridge. Long known in the Challenge world for most hook-ups ever filmed, it’s no surprise that he would have a baby with one or two of those women.

Aneesa Ferriera and Kailah Casillas can take a beat. While they did some Challenge hooking up with Cory, neither one of them managed to get knocked-up. Although they could have done worse. Cory may be king of the hook-up, but he is also one very hands on father. No dead-beat dad here. Looking at you Randall Emmett. Cory manages to be present for his kids, even when not in a relationship with their mother.

In case you missed it, Cory hooked up with Cheyenne Floyd after filming Rivals III. She got pregnant, and didn’t get around to telling him, until their daughter, Ryder, was 6 months old. So not cool. Cory took it like a champ (although not in The Challenge sense). He totally stepped up to the plate and became an active father overnight. So much so, the two earned a spot on Teen Mom OG. As you do.

Cory, never one to shy away from television, decided to appear on yet another reality show, Ex On The Beach, where he met Taylor. Taylor was previously on Are You The One, which, if you are keeping score, is where The Challenge found Cheyenne in the first place. Does any of this even make sense?

To his credit, Cory and Taylor were living together and in an actual relationship when they announced the birth of their first daughter, Mila. Mila’s now almost two, The Challenge is on a break from filming, so what better time to have another baby?

According to E! News, Cory and Taylor are expecting again. They both announced her pregnancy on their Instagram accounts.


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Cory‘s caption read, “Each one of my kids have continued to push me into making me a better man, so I know you’re gonna do the same. Throughout the years the satisfaction I get from raising my two lil girls is unmatched. I truthfully feel like God has put me in a position that I’m so lucky & blessed to be in. As a kid my dad wasn’t able to be around, and I feel like that’s why I try and give you girls EVERYTHING that I have. I can’t wait to watch you grow with your sisters Ryder & Mila. I’m telling you right now both those girls love you so much.”

It’s not a baby announcement if you don’t publicly acknowledge your baby’s mother, right? “Taylor, I don’t know too many people to put up with me for as long as you have. But no seriously, I love you bby & I can’t wait to start this adventure with you and continue to build this family up.” Awww, I think that’s nice. Why turn to your left and tell her in person how you feel, when you can pen an Insta caption that the whole world can see.


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In case you were wondering, Taylor also thanked Cory on her post. “My whole life I knew I was meant to be a mother, I love my babies more than anything in this world. My heart grew twice the size and I knew I’d love you just the same as your sisters. Cory, I love you. I know everyone knows this but I know the best, you are really the most amazing father.”

She said, “You always put a smile on my face when you’re with our girls & they love you so so much. I know this next one will be a new adventure for us but I know we can do anything together. Happy birthday my love. Cheers to another beautiful child.” Oh good, if she hadn’t publicly wished him a happy birthday, did it even happen? A tree falling in the forest and all that?


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I totally agree that Cory‘s a great dad. And, that you don’t have to be married to have a family. A piece of paper doesn’t create a relationship, if there is not one there to begin with. However, you don’t always have to do everything for the cameras, do you? Cue the gender reveal in 3… 2… 1…


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