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Heather Dubrow Says Production Made Jen Armstrong Look “Sh*tty” At Dinner Party On Real Housewives Of Orange County

The latest episode of Real Housewives of Orange County was a doozy, to say the least. Newbie Dr. Jen Armstrong has been increasingly open about having marital problems with husband Ryne/Ryan Holliday. Heather Dubrow, who after 25 years of marriage, fancies herself an expert and stepped in to help. So she invited Jen and Ryne/Ryan over for a dinner party. To further assist, she invited some of her long-time married friends, presumably to reveal the secrets of a happy marriage.

Things didn’t exactly go as planned. Or at least that’s what production wanted us to believe. Jen got sauced, Ryne/Ryan seemed completely detached and uncomfortable. Then he put his napkin in his shirt to eat, horrifying Heather and her uppity guests. They left with Jen stumbling out and Ryne/Ryan likely learning nothing about marriage outside of how to care for your drunken wife.


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But Heather wants us to know it wasn’t as bad as it looked. As reported by Reality Blurb, Heather took to an episode of her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s Worldto explain that things aren’t always as they appear on reality tv. You don’t say?

Heather began, “I was so pissed off because, first of all, that toast that Jen gave about the underwear that was later, not when we sat down. I hate when they do that because if I had known she was that hammered, I would have ended the dinner would have her sent home. What you didn’t see was we had a full dinner.”


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Heather went on to say that production made the whole thing look “shitty.” And that the night was more fun than what viewers saw. She added that Jen wasn’t intoxicated the whole time and that the group even danced at one point. Although she did note that Jen fell while dancing. Which doesn’t exactly help her argument that Jen wasn’t a drunken mess. Or maybe Jen just has two left feet, who knows?

Heather continued, “We went outside and danced on the balcony over there on the patio out there. We were dancing and whatever. I mean, it was a full evening, and I didn’t ask that many times. So, I hated that scene. I hated that they took, in my opinion, was one of the most fun, funniest evenings. And like Sarah and Jen were dancing together, and then Jen dropped her and just left her there and walked off. It was so funny. And she wasn’t that hammered until the end.”


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She explained, “That’s why I was upset about the episode because I was so excited to see this party because it was so much fun, and everyone had such a great time until the end. And it just bummed me out, but they didn’t show it.”

As for how Heather herself handled the dinner party, she took issue with production on that too. She fully admits to being “controlling” and liking her dinner parties a “certain way.” But she didn’t appreciate how production made her look. Heather can complain all she wants but let’s face it – she knows the deal. She’s a housewives veteran, even if she’s been away from the show for a few years.

Regardless, on the Real Housewives After ShowJen and Heather laughed off the whole thing. Heather told Jen, “You are so funny though. We had a lot of fun that night.” Jen responded, “Yes! That’s exactly right. It was fun. It was a blast.”


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