Heather Dubrow And Husband Terry Dubrow Were Swindled Out Of Millions Of Dollars

In the last episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, we watched Heather Dubrow and Terry Dubrow host a glamorous dinner party. This consisted of flowers under glass, copious amounts of champs, and lots of under-the-table couples counseling. All of this in an attempt to show Dr. Jen Armstrong and Ryan, excuse me, Rhyne Holliday what a real relationship is all about. And very last minute.

Before the guests arrived, Heather and Terry waxed poetic about how great their relationship is now, and how much help they could bring to others. Which ties in nicely with their new show, don’tcha think? All subtly has clearly been thrown out the window. Kelly Dodd is so rolling her eyes right now.

However, the dinner was not quite the RHOC sophisticated experience Heather had planned. Gym socks and shoes? Napkins tucked into shirts? (Although really, shouldn’t Heather just be happy Ryne wore a shirt at this point)? A very overserved Dr. Jen. In the words of Terry, “they’re a complete mess.” Hey, he said it, not me.

The dinner definitely went the way of Jen and Ryne‘s relationship. Terry and Heather have both said their relationship wasn’t always perfect. Especially in the early days of Terry’s practice. However, other than liking to point out how much things cost, they haven’t made much mention of any financial struggles. That is until now.

According to Grow not only were Terry and Heather not copacetic in the finance department, but their lack of a financial partnership allowed them to be swindled out of approximately $1.75 million dollars. Yes, you read that right. $1.75 million. What kind of crazy investment was this? You just know Tamra Judge is foaming at the mouth right now.

Apparently, Terry used to control all the family finances. Heather shared on her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s world, that she made, “a classic female move, which is I thought that my partner was handling things and that wasn’t entirely true, because as brilliant as Terry is in so many arenas … in the financial world, there were holes.”


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Heather didn’t get mad though. “When this large sum of money was sort of swindled away, when I heard what was going on and got involved in all of it, I wasn’t angry, because I realized it was also my fault, because I was not involved.” I’m going to go out on a limb though and guess it was quite some time before Terry was able to have onion rings on the menu again.

Terry trusted their long-time accountant, who advised him to put money into a real estate investment. When he went looking for his return, the money was gone. Ouch.

While this happened several years ago, Heather and Terry have used it as an example of what makes them a stronger couple. “We talk a lot about money.” Oh, we know Terry. We know.

Terry also said that, “we make financial conversations enjoyable. not a chore to us, they’re exciting in a weird way. If you can make money and money concepts – not focusing on the making money aspect – but what your money can do for you, in many ways, it can be a fun hobby.”


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Vicki Gunvalson is so on board with this. You know how much fun she finds insurance. I just bet she’s willing and able to come over for some fun finance conversations. Perhaps this is how she gets back on the show? I would love to see Heather thrown an impromptu, financial themed, intimate dinner party.  Vicki could even bring her new boo. As long as the amuse bouche comes first. Naturally.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]