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Heather Dubrow Responds To Tamra Judge’s Claims That She Used Her Kids For A Storyline On Real Housewives Of Orange County

Heather Dubrow has a bone to pick. It seems that her return to Real Housewives of Orange County might make for good tv, but it’s bringing Heather a lot of criticism. Aside from the typical slander from Kelly Dodd, Heather is taking some heat from her former costar, Tamra Judge.

On a recent episode of Tamra’s podcast, Two T’s In A Pod, which she hosts with Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, Tamra had some not so nice things to say about Heather’s storyline. Tamra took issue with Heather openly discussing her daughter, Kat Dubrow, coming out as a lesbian.

Tamra said, “It’s great that Heather is supportive,” but continued, “I would be a little bit hesitant about talking about my minor child’s sexuality and that’s just me. Like I’m super protective of things like that. I don’t know, one daughter came out as bisexual and another daughter has come out as a lesbian. I just don’t know that I would make that my storyline.”


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As reported by Reality Blurb, Heather took to an episode of Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef to discuss. Heather began,“I think it was bullsh-t and actually Tamra and I texted about it the other day, cause I was like, ‘What? Really? What are you talking about? You’ve known me, you know me better than any of these girls. Are you out of your mind?’”

As for Tamra saying that Heather used Kat’s sexuality for a storyline, Heather took great offense. She continued, “That’s why I texted Tamra. I go, ‘Why are you saying that?’ I would never use my children as a storyline. Ever. What’s so ridiculous about Tamra saying that is that … clearly that means there are people out there that that’s what they do … [But] my brain would never work in that direction.”

Heather did admit that she was encouraged to share Kat’s story on the show because it could show other families “how normal this is.” Going into the scene where she discuss Kat’s sexuality, Heather said she didn’t even plan on discussing it.


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Heather maintained, “It wasn’t an intended conversation. It just was the conversation. And that’s where this show… can work really beautifully and not just be a sh-t show of drama.” Heather added that she was “so proud of the fact that [Kat] felt comfortable with cameras around to even have that conversation and, and be open about it.” She continued that she would have been ok if Kat wanted the footage removed.

Heather said, “And even afterwards, I was like, ‘Hey, if you’re not okay with that, like I’ll call the producers and talk to them.’ … [And] she was like, ‘No.'”

During the same episode of the podcast, co-host Teddi also came after Heather for “self-producing.” Teddi said of Heather, “I need her to stop self-producing. It’s hard for [me] as a viewer to watch her thinking it’s authentic… It’s like stop — just be yourself. Stop.”


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Heather clapped back and stated, “I just find that preposterous.” She also noted that he hasn’t met Teddi but “always thought she seemed nice.” Heather asserted that she doesn’t have the time to self-produce. And that she wouldn’t be able to anyway.

Which is why she feels newbie Noella Bergener has come across as inauthentic on the show. Heather explained, “When you think you are smarter than the show, you have lost … It doesn’t work.” She concluded, “And that’s why I feel like you’re seeing a lot of backlash against Noella… She’s told so many interviews that she’s watched every episode. People are like, ‘She just brings all this for drama’s sake’ … I think it’s really obvious when someone’s self-producing.”


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