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Gizelle Bryant’s Ex Jamal Bryant Reportedly Owes $66K In Back Taxes

Gizelle Bryant is known for her messiness on Real Housewives of Potomac. But her ex-husband Jamal Bryant’s finances seem to be pretty messy too. The couple, who divorced in 2009, tried to rekindle their relationship on season 5 the show. Gizelle claimed that this made Jamal an easy target for her castmates to go after. She previously said, “Jamal is an easy target. People can say whatever they want about Jamal. I don’t care at all. It won’t even faze me in any way, because I know my relationship with this guy.”

Well, as much as she claimed to know her relationship with her, their attempt to reconnect didn’t work. The two broke up again last year, with Gizelle blaming the pandemic. She said at the time, “There’s an update, there’s a plot twist. We were working on us getting back together and being back together but he lives in Atlanta and I live in Maryland and with the pandemic, we realize it’s just not the right time. It’s just not going to work.” Regardless, it’s probably for the best that Gizelle steers very clear of Jamal’s finances.

Radar Online is reporting that the IRS filed a federal lien against Jamal after he allegedly failed to pay $66,568.44. Court documents show that the lien was filed in early January. And the address listed on the lien is the address that Jamal used to register his new New Birth Movement LLC in Atlanta in May 2021. If Jamal doesn’t take care of the bill, he could risk having his assets seized to collect the money.


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When it comes to owing taxes, this isn’t Jamal’s first rodeo. In August of 2021, Jamal was hit with a federal tax lien totaling over $700K. The alleged failure to pay taxes took place over a 10 year period, starting in 2008. The address listed on that lien was tied back to the home of his parent’s Baltimore residence.

Despite his tax issues, Gizelle clearly doesn’t hold it against him. Which is probably easier to do when she’s not on the hook for any of it. The two share 3 daughters together and back in February, Jamal posted a picture of the two with daughter Grace at a school event. As for his professional life, Jamal is still a Senior Pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.


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