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Gizelle Bryant’s Ex Jamal Bryant Reportedly Owes $700K In Back Taxes; Hit With Federal Tax Lien

And the congregation said… shocking. After being introduced to Pastor Jamal Bryant on Real Housewives of Potomac, Gizelle Bryant’s former spouse never found himself on the receiving end of praise by fans due to his questionable history in the pulpit. The man who spreads the word of God has been accused multiple times of spreading his seed, which, to my knowledge, is frowned upon in the Bible.

Even though Gizelle left her marriage to Jamal because he can’t keep his holy manhood from anointing others, she gave him another shot to redeem himself. Their reunion ultimately didn’t work because it’s difficult to have a longterm connection with someone who only appears via FaceTime. Jamal lost Gizelle again, but his problems didn’t end there. Now Jamal is facing a financial crisis and is accused of not paying his taxes in a timely manner. In other news, Grand Dame Karen Huger is headed to the t-shirt print shop.

After learning a man who preaches to others how not to succumb to Satan’s temptation, Jamal has some explaining to do. On the bright side, this has nothing to do with Jamal assisting women with their spiritual awakenings, but it does have to do with his lack of conviction when it comes time to pay Uncle Sam. He is probably the type of guy who puts his phone bill in his kid’s name, so Jamal’s latest giant step away from glory may not exactly surprise many folks.

According to documents obtained by Radar Online, Jamal might need to get a job at his daughters’ restaurant and make some tips. Recently Jamal was hit with a very unsightly federal tax lien to the tune of $738,524.25. Oops, I think he did it again… Legal papers claim the Pastor formally known as Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater has a history of not practicing what he preaches. ‘Ol Jamal owes money for 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018. The breakdown of the debt is $302,044.14 (2008), $99,427.57 (2010), $132,242.78 (2011), $78,778.20 (2012), $28,039.41 (2014), $49,148 (2016) and $336.55 (2018.)


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Here’s what really sucks, and yes, it gets worse. The lien was filed against property owned by John and Cecilia Bryant in Baltimore, Maryland. John and Cecilia are not distant relatives of Jamal’s, they are his parents. WHAT A GUY! The lien is currently active and has not been released by the IRS at this time. It must get rough when your life consists of having to hide, oh, I don’t know, illegitimate children and money. Allegedly. This isn’t Jamal’s first time in the tax rodeo. In 2016, the IRS and the State of Maryland filed liens against Jamal in the amount of $400k.

No word on whether or not a GoFundMe will be circulated in an effort to release Jamal from the financial ties that bind him. Perhaps if Karen does make t-shirts to honor this occasion, a portion of the proceeds can be directly donated to his parents.


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In other news, someone might want to let Jamal know the Bible actually states, “You shall not steal”. The good book also references paying your damn bills, not cheating on your wife, and having children with multiple folks without the benefit of marriage is a no-no. Jamal may want to have a seat and review the text from which he tells others not to stray, or his future Sunday services might be conducted from the Church of the Federal Penitentiary.


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