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Karen Huger Claims Gizelle Bryant Has A “Whole Fake Life”; Says “We All Know The Real Truth” About Pastor Jamal Bryant

Karen Huger has been on Real Housewives of Potomac from the get. She is mysterious. She is a business woman. And she won’t back down from a verbal skirmish. From her husband’s issues with the tax man, to the death of her parents, Karen gives us both vulnerability and GLAMOUR. She’s the Grand Dame, y’all!

Currently, Karen is emerging at this season’s voice of reason. After Monique Samuels restyled Candiace Dillard’s wig, Karen offered to have the women over for a come to Jesus meeting. Gizelle Bryant showed up with security and a defiant attitude. Some viewers feel Gizelle is doing too much, under the guise of deflecting from her current romantic relationship. Now Karen shares her opinion on Gizelle’s antics and if she is trying to aim attention towards Monique and away from Pastor Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater.

Ms. Karen took the responsibility of hosting a powwow at her house, wherever it is, to mediate the Monique/Candiace fiasco. When Gizelle arrived, some poor guy was brought along in the event Monique decided to test the virility of everyone’s hair glue. You could hear the collective sighs of exasperation throughout the Mid-Atlantic states when Gizelle’s “bodyguard” unfolded himself from the confines of her Mini Cooper… Stunt queens gonna stunt queen.

Recently, Karen discussed the meeting on social media and Queens of Bravo shared her Insta comments. Karen said, “So much was accomplished after @gizellebryant and her theatrics left, with her very kind and polite, nonetheless uninvited, security. Let the healing begin.”


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Gizelle has a rep to protect! Her ex-husband is a man of the Lord and cannot associate with this kind of messiness! But Pastor Bryant is not free from sin. Karen thinks Gizelle wants viewers to focus more on Monique using the Holy Spirit to clean the floor with Candiace’s head than her ex’s multiple paternity suits. A follower questioned Jamal’s “image”, Karen said, “Like you I was confused, but recent developments blow the lid of her lie, WHOLE FAKE LIFE.” Don’t tell Karen about living a fake life. She wrote that book, darling.

A fan thanked Karen for supporting Monique and not casting her out. Karen stated she would have done the exact thing for Candiace, but she declined. When comments shifted back to Gizelle covering for Jamal, Karen made a good point. “Can somebody explain to me why she thinks everybody can’t read?” Is this in reference to Gizelle not wanting to speak on Jamal’s many children out of wedlock?  Thanks to Google, it’s quite easy to find info on the good Pastor. Whose church in Atlanta may or may not be $29 million in debt.


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Karen implied Gizelle is living in that special fantasy place where she purchases her Bedazzled wardrobe. “We all know the real truth about this man. I think she believes she’s Alice in Wonderland and if she clicks three times he’ll turn into Todo [sic].” Someone tell Karen the difference between Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland… Confused movie references aside, we get it. Followers asked Karen why she is “more upset” at Gizelle when Monique is the one who supplied a beatdown, Karen replied, “Not upset, just fed up with her puppeteering girls in our circle and making everything about her.” Gizelle is very much on her 1st lady of the church trip, but the way her ex rolls, she’s probably the 3rd or 4th lady by now.

Karen thinks Gizelle is on the spiritual path to nowhere. “Gizzy is self serving and headed to the ISLAND called ALONE.” Gizelle appears to be getting her family back together. Unfortunately her own daughters and father have side-eyed Gizelle’s decision-making process. Along with the rest of the world.


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While Gizelle runs around being the most anointed one talking, her man has been liberally anointing others for YEARS. Some people think Gizelle is just trying to keep her gig and may be envious of both Karen and Monique’s lavish lifestyles. To that, Karen said, “You’re on to something.” The Grand Dame has spoken.


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