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Shannon Beador Delayed Real Housewives Filming Because Of Botched Dress From Project Runway Contestant

Poor Shannon Beador can’t catch a break. This season of Real Housewives of Orange County has been difficult to watch when it comes to her storyline. For starters, she doesn’t really have one. She pissed off Heather Dubrow at the start of the season and sort of recovered. But then she went and (supposedly) opened her yap about Gina Kirschenheiter’s new skincare line. And was seemingly jealous of Gina’s budding relationship with Heather. All the while,  Emily Simpson is stirring that pot and getting off scott free.

Since Shannon seemingly has no allies this season, it was probably nerve racking enough going into the RHOC reunion. The last thing she needed was to not look her best. Especially after her last appearance where she admitted that she overdid it on the fillers. But looking her best when it came to wardrobe turned into one big headache for Shannon.

As reported by Page Six, Shannon got stuck with a mess of a dress after commissioning Project Runway contestant Bones Jones. The two met on the Project Runway episode where the designers had to dress the housewives for a theoretical reunion. Shannon and Bones worked together and she was ultimately pleased with his result. I thought it was…not the best, to put it nicely. But Shannon seemed very happy and that’s all that mattered.


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So when it came time for the actual reunion, Shannon had Bones do her look. A source revealed, “Shannon really clicked with Bones while they were filming and wanted to support him by wearing a custom dress by him to the reunion. She flew him out to California on her dime, put him up in a nice hotel and took him to dinner. When it came time for him to show her the gown, it was a complete mess.”

The source went on to say that the dress Bones gave to Shannon was “horrific yellow.” It also allegedly didn’t stretch and showcased “every wrinkle.” The bodice gathered at an unflattering angle, which called attention to Shannon’s midsection. And sadly, we all know she has a lot of insecurities about that. The dress, which was hopefully burned, also featured yellow netting. The insider quipped that it made Shannon look like she had “been caught in an avocado bag.” They added, “It was one of the ugliest reunion dresses. Nothing was finished, the hem was fraying everywhere.”


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When it came to fixing what he started, Bones allegedly didn’t rise to the task. So Shannon spent “thousands of dollars” for looking like she was trapped in an avocado bag. For shame. Production told Shannon that the dress was unwearable and a member of her team had to run back to her house to get something from Shannon’s closet. Another PA went to a store to buy a dress, which is what Shannon wore to the reunion. And if you’ve seen it, she looks great in it!

When asked for comment, Bones simply said, “Of course there are two sides and maybe 5 to every story.” Ermmmm, not really. So when it came to all the housewives crediting their looks to each designer on Bravo Insider, Shannon left him out. Sort of. She simply added, “styling: Bones” under her photo.


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Shannon admitted, “I wanted to support new talent, and I wanted him to succeed. But he tried something new, and unfortunately, it didn’t work.” A very thoughtful and diplomatic answer, especially considering she paid for not only an alleged Big Bird dress but also brought him to the OC on her dime.

The source went on to explain, “Normally production would be annoyed about delays like this, but it was completely out of her control. She was so distraught and felt so bad. It was all on Bones. He dropped the ball.” The insider also revealed that instead of being regretful, Bones was trying on outfits from Shannon’s personal collection. He then modeled it as if he was “on the runway” and took selfies in the frocks. Eek. No doubt that Bones won’t be receiving another call from Shannon. Maybe he can dress the cast of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City for their next reunion. Sounds like his style would fit right in!


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