Shannon Beador Is “Having A Difficult Time Looking” At Herself Following Botched Cosmetic Procedure Prior To Real Housewives Reunion

Shannon Beador is having to defend herself all over the place lately. Even her other amigas have turned on her. Her time may really be up. Overall, she’s been a pretty blah the entire 15th season of Real Housewives of Orange County. She was hardly even memorable at the reunions. Pretty hard to do when you drop a bomb like Braunwyn Windham-Burke offering your child cocaine.

Whether it’s just due to Braunwyn’s ability to suck the focus from anyone, or her actual lack of personality shining through, Shannon is getting left behind. Unfortunately, she’s been remembered this year for a Housewife’s worst nightmare. Bad work.

Of course, you all know when I say “work” I mean that in the cosmetic sense. Shannon apparently received enough judgmental remarks after Part 1 of the reunion that she felt the need to post her facial treatment trauma to Instagram. Shannon shared a video of herself about to undergo her next procedure to seemingly correct the bad work she already has.

Shannon explained what went wrong at the start. She was vulnerable and shared, “I wanted to look good for the reunion so I went elsewhere to try a couple of natural and non-invasive treatments…but it didn’t work at all on my skin.” Getting more frantic in her video, she added, “So as the reunion was around the corner, it was suggested that I try a natural filler in my face and in my cheeks that stimulates the growth of collagen.”


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Shannon told fans, “I was running out of time, so I said ‘go ahead and do it’ without doing the research and without thinking it through which I usually do…” Oof. Famous last words. You hate to hear it. Despite citing the support of her children and boyfriend, Shannon said, “I’m having a really difficult time looking at myself in the mirror because I don’t recognize myself.”

I’m not totally a fan, but who can’t empathize with making a bad style, cosmetic, make-up, hairstyle, etc choice? In the end, Shannon revealed that she was filming the Insta-post in the doctors office because they were “going to try and do something with [her] cheeks.” She said,  “I can look like myself again.”


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Then Shannon shows the cosmetic specialist explaining the process she will undergo. She reports that they will attempt to soften the filler that Shannon has already pumped in her face. She then gives the faithful advice of going “slow and steady” to make clients comfortable. That’s right. No sudden movements around Beador! She doesn’t do well with those.

Other Housewives chimed on on the post with love. Even Kelly Dodd wasn’t terrible and said, “I’m glad you are going to my people that are good.” Leah McSweeney commented, “Awwww Shannon!! You have been under the microscope for so long. I’m seeing now the scrutiny people on tv have to face and there is nothing to prepare for that. People are so mean and nasty and vile. Do what you need to do girl!!!” Margaret Josephs even said, “You are a natural beauty!!!”


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]