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Summer House Star Danielle Olivera Defends Austen Kroll Against The “F**kboy” Label

Summer is just around the corner and everyone is starting to feel a little more energy. Energy is something Bravo’s Summer House is not lacking this season. This show serves up weekly inspiration for viewers to live their best drunk, sexed up, lives. And if that means putting yourself in a love triangle and flaunting it in the same friend group then by all means… DO YOU. The Summer House crew had a couple love triangles this season and they did it without labels.

In an Entertainment Tonight interview, Danielle Olivera recently defended Southern Charm’s Austen Kroll against a label that many viewers may identify with him. Danielle is not an Austen apologist, however, she was willing to defend him against the “F**kboy” label.

“People have their moments and it’s not great, but I do think under all of it, Austen is not, like, the worst person ever, as bad as people say or try to make him out to be,” Danielle said. “I think he’s just a flirt and … it’s almost like, all right. Come on, Austen. Really? Come on. Like, after how many years of doing this, you didn’t have the foresight to see that this was going to blow up? And he honestly didn’t.”

Yep Danielle. He honestly didn’t. That guy… SMH.

Earlier in the interview, Danielle was discussing Lindsay Hubbard’s never-ending birthday weekend where the Lindsay/Ciara Miller/Austen love triangle was again on display for all. All the girls in the house seemed to have an opinion and were battling while Austen was floating carelessly between Lindsay and Ciara.


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“I definitely didn’t understand why it was a girl-on-girl argument and fighting and viciousness, because everyone is single in the situation,” said Danielle. “Let’s not forget, Lindsay‘s single. Austen‘s single. Ciara, you’re single, too. Just because you wanted to stake your claim, does not mean you have ownership of that person.”

The trailer showed all the tensions erupting when Ciara throws a full wine glass at Danielle during dinner. Danielle throws a wine glass back and grabs a lit candle before Craig Conover clutches Danielle to defuse the situation.

The triangle was born out of Winter House, the spin-off to Summer House. When the crossover happen between Southern Charm and Summer House castmates it was revealed Lindsay and bestie/friends with benefits Austen had more of a history that anyone knew. Which turned out to be a problem, when Ciara started a new history with Austen that included actual dates and courting. However, when Winter House ended and no one claimed anyone but many temporary flings were had.


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Fast forward to the new season of Summer House. Austen visits for Lindsay’s birthday while she prances around in “her fairytale” themed party giving zero f**ks about anyone or anything. It was freeing and entertaining to watch. You go birthday girl. But at the same time Ciara decides Austen will not be sleeping in Lindsay’s bed. Period. Which made viewers hold their breath in a certain kind of way.

“Everyone was free game at that point,” said Danielle. “So, why turn the house upside down over a guy who’s clearly telling you guys different things? And Lindsay doesn’t really even care all that much. I think it’s a lot of Ciara feeling embarrassed and not wanting to be vulnerable in that embarrassment.”

Danielle wasn’t wrong when she stated everyone in the triangle was single. But just because she wasn’t wrong, does it really make it ALL right? The definition of a “F**kboy” is a guy who plays with girl’s feelings and would do or say anything to have sex with them or to get what they want.


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While Austen’s singlism is stated, he presented himself as a self-absorbed, action grabbing F**kboy on Southern Charm, Winter House and any cameos he got on Summer House.

It is still slaying Lindsay and Ciara, two beautiful and intelligent women, were giving Austen any of their time, let alone fighting over him. But perhaps Danielle knows more about Austen than what was shown to viewers. Although there is probably no one willing to hold their breath on that one, until proven wrong.


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