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Kandi And The Gang Recap: No Housewarming’s Allowed

Kandi Burruss wants to hold a town hall meeting after learning everyone’s trashing OLG. Patrick Dallas went full bone carrier when he spilled all the tea to Kandi. Everyone’s going to turn on him once they learn of his betrayal.

Shawndreca Robinson shades Patrick for bringing his girlfriend to OLG. She believes he’s doing it because he gets the food for free. Is that why they didn’t work out? Was he a cheapskate, and it didn’t accommodate her lifestyle?

Brandon Black invites Patrick and Safari to his birthday party which should be interesting. Brandon’s not exactly the spark that lights up the place, so I have my doubts it’ll be fun. He’s sort of dry so far. Besides Philip Frempong, he might be the most boring cast member. At least Philip can be an assh**e to everyone, so he has that going for him.

Torin Mitchell’s offended at the way he met Safari. His happy place of being Patrick’s interior decorator is out the window because Safari’s taking over. He’s completely iced out. His first time meeting her is learning that she’s replacing him. How insulting and degrading. Patrick’s not leaving the best impression so far this season.

Dom’unique Variety saw how things went down between Patrick and Shawndreca, and she doesn’t want to repeat their mistakes. She’s willing to keep her relationship with Brandon out of the public eye as long as possible. I wonder if they’ll finally go public at his party. Is he going to have her at his birthday event and pretend they’re not an item?

Philip Frempong Kandi And The Gang

Philip says he enjoys working for Todd Tucker and Kandi, but the job’s wearing on him. Nobody’s taking well to his new leadership role. He’s experienced pushback from everyone he’s encountered so far. Torin’s especially getting on his nerves.

Unfortunately for Philip, he’s being excluded from Todd and Kandi’s town hall meeting. They want the staff to speak freely, and that can’t be done with Philip hovering. Everyone’s expecting this meeting to be full of drama, but at least the new authority figure won’t be there.

However, all of the OLG is going to be there. The three ladies sparked the entire idea. Any time they’re on the screen, they’re scene stealers.

Torin feels like Philip comes in with an above everyone attitude. DonJuan Clark chimes in and says Torin’s the one who walks in like that and acts a fool. He’s not in the hot seat long though because Kandi turns her attention to Shawndreca. She wants her to speak on her comments about the consistency of the food. Man, Patrick’s so damn messy for triggering all of this.

That OLG themselves are highly offended about the food comments. Melvin Jones disputes all of her claims and shuts down any negativity about the quality of the food. Shawndreca gets in the hot seat again while fighting with Marie over cleaning the menus. It’s escalating so fast for no reason at all.

Kandi wants to put the entire staff into a team-building exercise. I had no idea her restaurant was in such shambles like this. We’re going to need a lot more than some team-building moments to fix things with these women. Aunt Bertha calls out Brandon for not speaking to her when she met. She’s so dramatic that I’m entirely obsessed with her. All those old ladies go from zero to a thousand in two seconds.

Torin confronts Patrick about being kicked off his apartment renovation. The way that went down is shitty for anyone. That’s not something you do to your friends. He’s letting his relationship with Safari come in between right and wrong. There was a correct way of handling the situation, and that wasn’t it.

Patrick’s girl doesn’t even want him to have a housewarming party anymore. Why is she making these decisions on his behalf? What’s the reasoning behind it? Stand up for yourself.

Something isn’t clicking for me about Safari. It doesn’t make sense why she’s this against Patrick having a housewarming party. He finally gets her to come around a little, but she vetoes Torin from the guest list. In addition to Torin, she also shuts down any possibility of Shawndreca attending. Big-time jealousy from this woman.

Brian Redmond’s secretly happy he got suspended. With the time off, he’s able to focus on his businesses. When he comes back, expect him and Philip to continue butting heads.

Kandi Burruss Todd Tucker Kandi And The Gang

DonJuan pulls Kandi and Todd aside in the parking lot, and he has some shocking video footage. Shawndreca’s trashing Kandi and Todd on the tape saying they don’t give a fuck. Why does she still work there? Terminate her. Delete her out of this restaurant.

I get that Shawndreca’s been with the company since the beginning, but that doesn’t mean she’s good. She’s always negative every time we see her. However, she’s one of the central stars of the show. They’ll keep her as long as she wants at this point.

Shoutout to Dom for showing up at Brandon’s birthday. She’s making an effort to be there for him, and this is a huge step. He wants to introduce her to his parents, but it’s a make or break. He has to introduce her as his official girlfriend, or it’s dead in the water.

At the party, Patrick leaves Torin alone with Safari to work on their issues. After speaking things out, she agrees to keep feeling things out. I’m with Torin though. Why is a woman who doesn’t live in the house telling him he can’t have a party? She’s controlling far too much of his life.

The only good thing to come from the party is forward progress between Dom and Brandon. He might be ready to make things more serious. They’re finally seeing a future together, so this is big.

Todd and Kandi arrive at OLG ready to hash things out with Shawndreca. She’s denying everything. She very clearly said they didn’t give a fuck. Just own it.

Shawndreca wants to know who went to them with this. This is going to be the drama that sustains us for the real of the season. I feel it.


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