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Love Is Blind Creator Defends The Show’s Casting Process

Love is Blind season 2 was one for the books. And as exciting as the drama was, it didn’t really end up sitting well with fans. Primarily due to the controversial pairing of Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee and Deepti Vempati. From the start, Shake spent his time in the pods asking his potential mates about their physical appearance. Which is the fact opposite of the show’s purpose. I mean, it’s called Love is Blind and you aren’t allowed to see the other person until you’re engaged and ready to move forward with your relationship.

So from the jump, Shake seemed like he was on the wrong show. Deepti pressed on with him but ultimately found out he was speaking about her disrespectfully behind her back. She left him at the altar and seemed at peace with her decision. I think we all breathed a sigh of relief that she dodged a bullet. But at the reunion, Shake made his true intentions known and they were grossly misaligned with the show. This left fans to wonder, how did Shake even get on the show?

Now the show’s creator, Chris Coelen is defending the casting process. As reported by E! News, Chris talked about how he felt about the cast of season 2 turned out. He explained, “Listen, we vet people coming into the show. It’s not an infallible process. I’m not unhappy that Shake made it onto the show.” Chris added, “The intention is that you invite into the pods people who go through a pretty rigorous process to be chosen, and they have a stated intention of being serious about finding someone.”

Chris admitted that watching Shake and Deepti’s relationship was uncomfortable. But he maintains that he wouldn’t change anything. He continued, “Am I unhappy about it? No, I’m not unhappy about it. I’m certainly unhappy that Deepti didn’t get the happy ending that she wanted there, but I think even talking to Deepti after the fact, she has felt she has grown tremendously through this experience as a person, and I’m really happy about that. I’m happy for her. I’m hoping that Shake will feel the same way at some point, if he doesn’t already.”

When it comes to Shake being a polarizing figure for fans, Chris asserts that it’s simply a reflection of society as a whole. Said Chris, “We certainly vet people, and we do psychological testing—we do background checks and all of that—but we want to invite a broad array of people into the pods.” He then concluded, “Let’s say I thought that somebody was a jerk and a chauvinist. I am not making the decision. If you look at Shake and Deepti, Deepti chose Shake—I didn’t choose Shake for her. She chose him, and in that way, it’s very reflective of the real world.”

Regardless of how this season turned out, the show has no signs of stopping. Season 3 has already been filmed and will air on Netflix later this year. It’s also been renewed for seasons 4 and 5.


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