Christine Quinn Selling Sunset

Chelsea Lazkani Raves About Selling Sunset Co-Star Christine Quinn

Netflix is dropping Season 5 of Selling Sunset on April 22. When it does, we will be introduced to Oppenheim Group newbie Chelsea Lazkani. Chelsea is no stranger to high-end real estate. She previously worked at Rodeo Realty. However, it appears that she might be a little naive when it comes to navigating work-place drama.

Chelsea originally stated that she was excited to join the group of like-minded women. Watching their success was fuel to her own fire. And much like last season’s newbie Vanessa Villela before her, it seems like the person she emulates the most is none other than self-proclaimed villain, Christine Quinn. Have these women learned nothing from past seasons?

Mary Fitzgerald and Christine used to be roommates, for goodness sakes, and now they barely speak. When Selling Sunset first started Heather Rae Young and Christine were thick as thieves. Yet by the time Heather became Heather Rae El Moussa, Christine was the only cast member not invited to the wedding.

Emma Hernan can’t stand Christine. But she came on the show that way. We only got to hear about their fallout. From everyone. If that doesn’t scream of red flags, then what does?

Last season, Vanessa immediately connected with Christine.  Vanessa had no knowledge of the drama, or Christine’s patterns. But the amount of blind loyalty she showed Christine from the moment they met was slightly suspect. No? To be fair, both Davina Potratz and Amanza Smith had Christine’s back, for the most part. But they, at least, had history to build upon.

It looks like history is about to repeat itself. In an exclusive interview with People, Chelsea spilled the tea about her relationship with Christine. “I just adore Christine. We have such a great relationship. I understand they may have had drama, but I am here to form my own unique relationships.” I get that, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… Just saying.

Chelsea went on to say, “To be honest with you, I just have a budding relationship with all the girls. I’m still getting to know some of them, but I didn’t know them before the show. Emma and I have a very special connection. I think the world of Chrishell [Stause].” I know you don’t want to get involved in last season’s drama, but those are fighting words.

I can’t imagine how Chelsea will manage to stay drama free, if she’s friends with both Christine and Emma. I’m assuming she never dated Peter Cornell, so at least there’s that. Can’t wait to see how Season’s 6 & 7 play out.


[Photo Credit: Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images for OPPENHEIM GROUP]