Jill Zarin Felt “A Bit Used” After Bethenny Frankel Showed Up At Bobby Zarin’s Funeral With Real Housewives Of New York Cameras

The swift dissolution of the friendship between Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin is still one of the most memorable moments in housewives history. The Real Housewives of New York bonded quickly on the show. Jill and husband Bobby Zarin embraced Bethenny like family. But the relationship quickly soured as Bethenny’s star rose. Bethenny accused Jill of being jealous of her newfound success. Because now she didn’t need to lean on Jill as much. Jill made her own accusation in return, upset that Bethenny wasn’t more supportive during Bobby’s cancer scare.

Who could forget the ultimate end of their friendship, which was featured on the show. Bethenny stood outside of Jill’s apartment talking to her on her cell phone. Jill famously said, “You know what Bethenny, we are DONE” and promptly hung up on her. Which closed the door on their relationship for good. But in 2018, when Bobby died, Bethenny did her best to show support and honor her former friend. She showed up to Bobby’s funeral.

Now Jill is telling Page Six that she thinks Bethenny did it all for publicity. Jill began,“She came with cameras [to Bobby’s funeral], which I didn’t know were going to be there, so that changed it for me. Housewives came without cameras to pay their respects: Dorinda [Medley], Luann [de Lesseps], Ramona [Singer], all came [with] no makeup, no hair, you know, not glammed out.”

But Jill revealed that she didn’t bother to call Bethenny out for the incident. She simply stated that there was “no reason to.” Jill continued, “I was so happy to see her that I didn’t question the fact that she was all dressed up, and I just didn’t know.” Later, Jill admitted to herself that it was all for show and stated,  “I think that’s what it was.”

After the funeral, Jill acknowledged that Bethenny did show up to speak with her privately. Jill divulged, “She came to my house to talk without cameras and I really thought that was authentic. I didn’t know that after she left my house, she was filming with the girls to download them on coming to my house.” She sadly concluded, “I did feel a bit used.”

In 2021, Jill told Andy Cohen that she would never again have a friendship with Bethenny. Now we know that this was the reason. Bethenny’s camp didn’t respond to the story. But an insider close to Bethenny stated, “Jill hasn’t been able to keep Bethenny’s name out of her mouth for a decade. Bethenny wishes her well in all her endeavors and hopes she finally gets her apple back (that she has desperately tried to shake from the tree).”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]