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Kandi And The Gang Recap: Standing Room Only

Dom’unique Variety meets with Shawndreca Robinson to give her all the tea about her relationship woes with Brandon Black. At the same time, Brandon is linking up with Patrick Dallas and Torin Mitchell. Now, that is an interesting hangout combo I probably wouldn’t expect.

Torin wants the tea right away about what he walked in on. The big gossip with the guys is Patrick’s housewarming event. I’m surprised Torin’s even going after being dropped as his interior decorator because they really sucked.

Brandon drops the bomb about Shawndreca getting caught on the Ring camera about Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker. Shawndreca getting caught was hilarious because she seems to have genuinely no memory of talking about them.

I almost dropped to the floor laughing at Dom’s face when Shawndreca said she didn’t know she said that. How does she have amnesia about every shady moment she does? What’s even funnier about all of this is Dom listening to Shawndreca going on about the Ring camera knowing what else it caught.

This damn camera is going to be the downfall of everyone. Patrick thinks it’s fine for managers to date the staff because of Kandi and Todd’s past. Todd was working on Housewives when they met, so that means it’s a green light for everyone. That shouldn’t be how this works.

Dom doesn’t want to leave her spot at OLG. Brandon doesn’t have plans on going anywhere either. It sounds like the only solution that’s going to work here is for them to split.

Brandon says he’s family-oriented, and Patrick says he’s ready for kids. These guys need to get a little more invested in their relationships before jumping the gun on all of that.

Philip Frempong Kandi And The Gang

Philip Frempong says Brandon’s reliable and will show up, but that doesn’t equal productivity. Why is Brandon even a manager? I’m not seeing any leadership qualities whatsoever.

Brandon needs to go as manager. He doesn’t perform well during the show. He also doesn’t follow the proper rules and regulations. Brandon sets a bad example for everyone on the staff.

Patrick came up with an idea to have a bakeoff between the sisters of OLG. That’s a recipe to have these ladies at each other’s throats. The goal is to have a new dessert on the menu at OLG. Honestly, none of their food looks that appetizing. Thank goodness the food itself isn’t a primary focus of the series.

I AM CRYING AT PATRICK CALLING HIS GRANDMA SEXY BUT THEN SAYING HE WANTS TO EAT HER MOIST CAKE. That came off far more sexual than it was intended. Someone save me!

Aunt Nora Brian Redmond Kandi And The Gang

Brian Redmond, Shawndreca, and Torin hit up a wig shop and give the best impressions of the OLG. They want Shawndreca to attend the housewarming, but that’s a horrible idea. They’re disguising it as supporting a friend, but oof. Don’t show up.

Torin’s pressuring her to support his work, but this isn’t the place. Torin’s messy as hell for this. He knows damn well that any appearance from Shawndreca at this housewarming is going to stir up drama.

It’s the battle of the desserts! The OLG is having their bake-off, and this will be entertaining as hell. This trio of women are always scene stealers. They make the show for me.

Melvin Jones is firmly behind his grandmother in this competition. Aunt Nora and Aunt Bertha keep shading the hell out of Mama Joyce, and I’m living for it. These sisters are so shady to each other, and it’s television gold.

It’s Mama Joyce being the deciding vote to give herself the win for me. How is that even fair? Also, Kandi is shady as hell because she gave Bertha the vote in her confusion. However, in-person she switched everything up and gave the vote to her mom.

Brandon Black Dom'unique Variety Kandi And The Gang

Dom doesn’t like being confused about where she stands with Brandon. Why are they showing up to the housewarming party as a couple then? What sort of message does that send?

Brian drops by Torin’s place, and they’re both doing stuff for free. Everything for this housewarming is out of the kindness of their hearts as his friend. Good!

Torin says Safari’s so beautiful that it’s intimidating. That’s a new one. She’s pretty, but not someone that anyone needs to be afraid of. Weird.

Torin shows up at Patrick’s to start decorating, but he’s shocked there’s nothing else in the house. What happened to everything Safari was supposed to contribute? I have so many questions about how ridiculous everything surrounding this housewarming event has been.

I don’t get why Shawndreca’s showing her face at this party. If you know you’re not welcome, please don’t show up. It’s a bad look because you’re now making a scene.

The OLG are the first people to arrive at the party, but it’s so odd there’s no furniture. Why does everyone have to stand? Even renting some chairs would’ve been nice.

Nobody deserves to stand through this event. Kandi arrives and thinks it’s weird there are no chairs. Patrick says he’s not ready for people to sit on his couch yet.

Todd Tucker Kandi Burruss Kandi And The Gang

Aunt Bertha looks so pissed during this entire party. WHAT IS ANY OF THIS? Why is Brian performing the longest version of Amazing Grace of all time in this man’s living room? It’s been ten minutes. Oops, it’s been fifteen.

Why is any of this happening? There’s no pulse at this party. I take back everything I said before. Shawndreca’s arrival might be the only interesting thing about this.

It seems irresponsible and stupid for Brandon and Dom to show up to the party as a couple with their bosses there. This might go down as the weirdest party in Bravo history. That’s saying a lot. My wife and I are sitting here watching this in total shock at how uncomfortable it is. We went to flee.

I have to give Aunt Nora saying “if I have to shit, I’m going to shit” as the line of the night so far. Patrick doesn’t want anyone in his bathroom which is another weird thing about this event.

Patrick’s acting like he didn’t really invite Shawndreca, but he can’t go against Safari’s wishes. However, now he has to tell Shawndreca she has to leave which is so weird to watch.


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