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Kandi And The Gang Recap: A Groovy Proposal

Lord, I still can’t believe Shawndreca Robinson got promoted. It feels like just a few episodes ago she was on the chopping block because of some of her negative comments. A lot changed in such a short period of time.

Torin Mitchell is trying to get his groove back. He’s gathering the vibe of the 70s to try and wow people for his next event. He’s back to work, and he’s ready to prove himself to the powers that be at OLG.

Patrick Dallas is finally popping the question to Safari. He’s choosing Torin’s event as the venue of his proposal. However, Torin thinks Safari’s pulling the strings to expedite this process. He’s probably right. We’ve seen the control Safari has over Patrick. Her hold is strong.

Philip Frempong is finally being accepted by the staff at OLG. It was a rough and rocky start, but he’s seemingly acclimating well to his new role. In the end, the ball is in his court though about whether or not this is the fight fit for him.

Kandi Burruss Kandi And The Gang

Kandi Burruss asks Philip where he’s at with everything regarding OLG. Before he can answer, Todd Tucker wants to know who needs to stay and who needs to leave.

Philip recommends they part ways with Dom’unique Variety and Rashard Roles. I totally get it. Even though ethically it makes more sense to part ways with Brandon Black, he has longer staying power. He’s probably in it for more of the long haul.

Philip’s on the fence about whether or not to stay with OLG because he doesn’t want to work for anyone. Ultimately though, he locks in the decision to stick with the company longer. He’s dedicated and ready to propel OLG into the future. He’s independently wealthy, so he doesn’t need this. This is something he’s choosing to do.

Brian Redmond hangs out with Torin and Rashard, and his wig is SOMETHING. It’s a choice. That’s about all I’m willing to comment on regarding THAT.

Brian’s trying to make a play to get Todd’s investment in his business, but he wants half stake. What’s crazy is the food he’s making looks a million times better than anything served at OLG.

Brian’s hosting Torin’s event which should be a hell of a lot of fun. He’s been the diamond on this show since day one. While it was clear others (Shawndreca in particular) were poised to be the breakout stars, he’s solidified his place.

Patrick Dallas Kandi And The Gang

Patrick’s spending some quality time with his mother, but she’s nervous. She’s getting emotional talking about the idea of him getting married to Safari. This is her love and her baby, and she’s proud of him. However, this isn’t his first rodeo. Mistakes were made in the past.

Torin’s overwhelmed and in way over his head with this event. There’s so much on the line. From trying to secure his former job to the pending proposal, there’s a lot going on. What he thought was going to be the beginning of his next chapter might actually cause his rapid downfall. Anything and everything could go wrong.

There are no food runners for this event. Torin should be prepared for this, and he’s not. This is already a disaster. Visually, it’s stunning. Operationally, it’s questionable.

Philip and DonJuan Clark are confused about the flow of the event. Torin doesn’t have carafes or ice. How is this event going to proceed as promised? DonJuan’s a little over the top with Torin, but I guess he’s just sick of him. He’s right though about procuring carafes being above his pay grade.

In the hot seat, Torin storms off into the restaurant. Philip and DonJuan were trying to have a conversation with him, but he wasn’t having it. This isn’t the smartest move for someone trying to secure their place back with the company.

Torin Mitchell Kandi And The Gang

We’re nearing the proposal! I just noticed each episode features less and less of the OLG themselves. The older women are fading into the background the more the series progresses. I wonder what contributed to the change.

At the end of the day, Kandi’s impressed with the event, so it’s a good sign. Her voice carries the most weight, so whatever she says goes. If Kandi wants Torin to continue doing the Friday Night Live events, that’s what’s going to happen. DonJuan will have to check his ego at the door because he’s not the end al be all that he thinks he is.

Shawndreca drops a bomb that Shardo was accepting tips to seat people faster. WHAT THE HELL. In that moment he was fired. HE’s gone. WOWZA. I would say it was nice to know you, but he was super dry and the least exciting member of the cast.

PATRICK IS ON THE STAGE. YES. IT’S HAPPENING. It’s actually super romantic, and you can feel the love in the air. At this point, if Safari doesn’t say yes, my heart might be crushed.

Thankfully, true love once again conquered all and came through for the win. Safari said yes! Despite thinking he was a trick when they first met, she’s ready to commit to a life with him.

I hope this show gets a second season because it only got better as the season progressed. Each episode was better than the previous one, and it became a weekly highlight because it was must-watch TV.


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