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Kandi And The Gang Recap: The Blame Game

After the world’s worst housewarming party, it’ll be interesting to see how the group recovers. Shawndreca Robinson undoubtedly feels disrespected about not being allowed in. However, Safari made it clear THAT woman was never entering her man Patrick Dallas’ abode. Not happening.

Am I the only one who doesn’t think the food at OLG looks that great? No shade, but I can’t believe there’s so much drama at a place like this. They should be looking into the food as the reason the restaurant is struggling.

Shawndreca meets with Dom’unique Variety the day after the party. Dreca and June say they didn’t show up at the party to be petty. In their defense, it looked like they were invited.

June’s irritated about Dom staying at the party. It feels like a betrayal on some level. However, Dom says it’s more complicated than that. Her bosses were at the party, so she wasn’t going to dip. She says June’s wrong for saying that.

Dreca also feels disrespected by Torin Mitchell. June wants to have a conversation with him about it as well. June’s trying to be a tough guy, but he’s taking this way too seriously. It’s shady of Patrick not to let them in, but dude chill. He needs to get off these people’s necks and calm down a bit. Why are you making a big deal and confronting everyone?

I can see him being mad at Patrick, but there’s no reason really to come at Dom and Torin. Direct your energy in the correct place. Just do it.

Patrick Dallas Kandi And The Gang

Todd Tucker says he’s used to a version of Patrick that’s crazy and wild. The one banging gongs and having zen spaces is not the same dude. He’s already let the relationship with Safari change him in many ways. His identity is whatever she allows it to be.

I laughed so hard at Patrick making June pay the full $10 to park at OLG. It’s weird to me that it costs so much to park at the restaurant. What’s the point?

June wants there to be an understanding between Patrick and Dreca. Todd’s trying to play matchmaker and get everyone to get acquainted with each other. This might get messy.

Dreca ditches her hosting duties to come outside for her surprise Mercedes from June. Actual goals. I want to stop work in the middle of the day to be gifted a fancy car. Literally, everyone that works at OLG was in the parking lot checking Dreca out while she gets this gift.

June confronts Torin in the parking lot about what went down. He wants someone to pay for what went down. He needs to take it up with PATRICK. Torin’s irritated because Dreca hasn’t spoken to him about it at all. They are friends. He and June are not. That’s the conversation that needs to take place first.

Rashard Roles Torin Mitchell Shawndreca Robinson Kandi And The Gang

Brian Redmond has consistently been one of the funniest people on this show. Every week he’s up to some sort of hilarious antics. Having a funeral for his wig is EVERYTHING. The wig’s name was Leslie, and she was tough to look at. Her service is over, and that’s not a bad thing. This is for sure for the best. I forget Brian doesn’t have much hair until he takes it off.

Everyone’s surprised when Dreca tells them that Todd and Kandi Burruss want to have lunch with her, June, Patrick, and Safari. Brian thinks Dreca’s beef should be with Dom because she left her in the lurch. However, Torin’s super annoyed because Dreca doesn’t care about his feelings.

Dreca felt pressured about coming by Torin. Torin was openly advocating to let her into this party. Her anger is so misdirected because he didn’t do anything wrong.

Later on, the awkward moment commences when Kandi forces Safari and Dreca to interact. Neither woman wants to mess with the other one.

Out of everyone in this situation, Safari feels like the problem to me. She’s the one bringing the negative energy to the group. Kandi feels like it was a success, but I disagree. I think the only thing it highlighted was Safari’s attitude problem.

DonJuan Clark Kandi And The Gang

DonJuan Clark wants to know what’s going on with Brandon Black and Dom. Which one of them wants to leave OLG? Someone has to move to an alternate location if they’re able to make this relationship work.

He was surprised to see how close they were at the housewarming. It’s an elephant in the room. He asks if they’re in a relationship, but Dom and Brandon are playing coy. However, ultimately she admits they’re officially in a relationship. Someone has to go because this is so unprofessional.

Todd’s doing his best to be a father figure for Patrick. He tells Patrick how he knew Kandi was the one for him. One night Kandi asked Todd to pray with her, and that was it.

Patrick’s considering popping the question to Safari which seems like a big mistake. Todd’s asking why he thinks she’s the one, and he looks perplexed. I feel the same. Bro, I don’t know what Patrick’s thinking.

Kandi thinks Safari’s cool, but she wants to sit down with her and get a better gauging. They both think the triple date went well, so maybe the drama with Dreca is over.

There’s a lot of chatter about whether or not Patrick was a trick. That’s a bold accusation to throw out there. Why’s Safari saying something like that? Safari says it was the persona Patrick was giving off across his social media. The version of Patrick she’s telling us about isn’t the timid guy we’re seeing throughout this season.

Kandi’s pleasantly surprised to learn that Safari feels like Patrick’s the one. The housewarming was a pivotal turning point for their relationship because he showed how much he respected her. Okay, maybe I was wrong. Safari might not be as bad or iffy as I thought before.

Torin Mitchell Kandi And The Gang

Dom’s voice is ugh. I’m going to try and get over it for the sake of covering this show, but tough. Most of the group is getting together, and you can tell something’s going to pop off.

Rashard Roles is spot on by calling the housewarming the most boring thing of all time. Rashard calls out Dom for not being a good friend to Dreca and says he shouldn’t be in her business. Everyone escalates this, and the two of them can’t stop telling at each other.

Dom says she’s going to give the problem that Rashard’s looking for. He wants to walk away and not engage, but she’s not listening. All she wants to do is fight with him because she’s looking for drama.

Brian says Dom’s wrong. Everyone’s basically against Dom for how all of this went down. Brian lets Dom know right out the gate that he’s not going to jump in. That’s all it takes for Dom to say goodbye to everyone and walk out of the party. Dreca follows shortly after.

Dreca doesn’t want to talk to Brian or Torin or really anyone. She’s forever doing the most, but she’s one of the clear stars of the show. The only problem is, she knows it.

Patrick stops by to ask Kandi and the OLG if they approve of him wanting to marry Safari. Luckily, everyone likes Safari, so he has their blessing. This is a big deal and a major step for Patrick, but he seems set on doing it.


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