Lala Kent’s Ex Randall Emmett Sued For Refusing To Pay $287K Loan

Randall Emmett has more to worry about than his high-profile breakup with Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent. The Hollywood producer has landed himself in some hot water professionally. Randall is best known for his production of “geezer teaser” films. The unflattering nickname describes movies that typically feature aging action stars that are direct-to-video. Randall has produced such films staring the likes of Nicholas Cage, Steven Seagal and even Bruce Willis.

But Randall’s latest film, Hair of the Dog, is what has found him on the end of a pricey lawsuit. As reported by The Sun, Randall and other defendants are being sued for $287,500. The suit was initiated by the production company Potato Eater Productions, LLC. The company is alleging that Hair of the Dog, LLC, Emmett Oasis Films, LLC and Randall himself agreed to pay them the large amount by April of 2020.

Court documents show that Randall and the defendants denied entering the “development loan agreement” for Hair of the Dog movie production. The complaint alleges that all parties signed “on or around” December of 2019.

Randall and company also denied agreeing to pay the promised amount and claimed that he never made any changes to the document. For this reason, Randall is refuting that he failed to pay by the supposed deadline. While the defendants did acknowledge that they had made some payments to Potato Eater Productions, the exact amount remains unknown.

The case was originally vacated in February of 2022 and then reopened 2 months later in March. Just recently, the judge on the case entered a formal statement to officially reopen the suit. According to IMDB, Hair of the Dog is still in production and scheduled for release next year.

This lawsuit isn’t the only financial issue Randall has been facing as of late. Back in March of 2021, he filed court documents to decrease his monthly child support payments to ex-wife Ambyr Childers. The former couple share two daughters.

Randall was previously ordered to maintain a bank account with a monthly balance of at least $50,000. The money was to be used to fund his children’s non-tuition-related expenses. But Randall allegedly “asked the court to terminate” the order. Randall argued that because of the high balance he had to maintain, he accumulated at least $500K in debt to the IRS.

Randall’s attorney argued that he will have to file for bankruptcy if the payments continue, which “will not only harm Randall, but Ambyr, and most importantly, the children, as Randall is the sole income earner for the family.” Randall wrote his own statement, “I only produced one movie in 2020, as opposed to several as in normal years, therefore, my income has been drastically reduced and I am having liquidity issues.”

Finally, Lala is fighting for full custody of their one year old daughter, Ocean Kent Emmett. Looks like Randall is going to be in court a lot, so she should probably get in line.


[Photo Credit: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images]