Gina Kirschenheiter Admits Heather Dubrow’s “Karma” Remark To Noella Bergener Was “Not Nice”

Real Housewives of Orange County vet Heather Dubrow and newbie Noella Bergener will never get along. There has been friction from the jump. To be fair, Noella did not have an easy season. Her estranged husband, James Bergener, owed over $5 million dollars in back taxes. Then she was shocked when James filed for divorce. Noella’s father passed away. And Noella has a habit of making everything about her, and some of her RHOC co-stars were not fans.

During a meeting at Chateaux Dubrow, Noella accused Heather of “slamming people against walls” the night of Heather’s expensive sushi party. RHOC viewers did see Heather say that she wanted the cameras off, but we didn’t see Heather get physical with anyone.

During the cast trip to Aspen, Noella again brought up her claim that Heather put her hands on someone in production. But Noella’s story started to morph. She finally ended up with the handy “just because I didn’t see it with my own eyes doesn’t mean it didn’t happen” line. Oof. Noella told Heather that “your karma will solve it on its own.” Heather replied, “My life is good. Your karma is already giving you what it needs.” Yikes!

Heather didn’t like Noella hurling the word karma around. “I know a lot about Noella’s backstory, and I don’t understand how she can throw the word karma at me,” Heather commented. “My karma is good. I’m a good person.”

According to Reality Blurb! Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson weighed in on the nasty karma comments on the RHOC: After Show. “It’s not nice but at this point they’re flinging so much sh-t at each other… [But] I don’t see Heather referring to her dad passing away,” Gina remarked. “I don’t think anybody would go there but I don’t know. Obviously, Noella’s not having the best year.”

Emily was also unsure if Heather was referring to the death of Noella’s father. “Is that a reference to her dad dying? I mean, I’m sure she said it but I’m sure Noella said something equally as degrading,” the attorney stated.


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As for Noella and Heather’s heated feud, Emily was quick to point out the difference in how her co-stars deal with the drama. Emily stated, “I think Heather is classy about it where she just doesn’t comment on it. She just goes through her day and says what she says, and she doesn’t make it a thing.”

She continued, “The problem is that I don’t know what happens but all the sudden something happens and Noella, she’ll just throw out a snarky comment out of nowhere and it’s mean and it’ll be rude. It happens over and over and over,” Emily added.

Gina floated the idea that Noella repeatedly went after Heather because Heather, for the most part, was unbothered by Noella’s drama. “Maybe it just really irritates Noella that Heather gives zero f-cks. That’s her way of dealing with it,” Gina stated. I could see that.

She continued, “Heather at this point has said, ‘We don’t get along. We’re different people. That’s okay. I can still exist in a room with all my friends. You can be included. We can still all have fun. I’m just not really going to engage with you and I’m going to go about my business.’” Gina added, “And I just don’t think Noella is capable of handling that.” That is clear from Noella’s behavior.

“Maybe it comes out of frustration because she’s being sort of ignored,” Gina remarked. “I don’t know but she just can’t help herself.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]