Teddi Mellencamp Got A Neck Lift

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 16046 -- Pictured: Teddi Mellencamp -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Plastic surgery is nothing new, especially in Beverly Hills. So former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan unfavorite Teddi Mellencamp decided to get in on the fun. While the RHOBH alum was let go two seasons ago (to her surprise), she’s still making headlines with her new look.

As reported by Page Six, Teddi recently revealed that she got a neck lift. She announced the news in her Instagram stories. Her reasoning for getting the procedure was that she has been insecure about her profile. Teddi wrote, “I have always comfortable with my neck in the front. It’s the side profile that has always made me feel insecure.” She added photos of herself from the front and sides and noted, “about to have my final pre-op appointment.”

Teddi then added photos of herself post-op and healing. Unfortunately, fans were quick to judge her for altering her appearance. She shared a DM from a disgruntled fan to her Instagram stories. The fan wrote, “Ur a public figure trying to help women loose [sic] weight yet your [sic] getting a face lift to remind those of us who need one who can’t afford one how ugly we are Thanku.” The user is referring to Teddi’s All In accountability program, which she regularly plugs on social media. The program has drawn criticism due to the restriction of only 500 calories a day. Not to mention the hefty price tag to join.

In response, Teddi wrote back, “I am being transparent with my journey. Would you prefer I lie and pretend the loose skin on my neck disappeared? That’s not who I am. You want to only follow people that show themselves through a filtered version of themselves then I am not the person to follow.” She also noted that her neck lift had nothing to do with “going all in on your life.” Teddi asked her followers, “Do you appreciate me being open about my journey or would you rather I just pretend I did nothing?”

A few days later, Teddi posted a dolled up shot of herself, showing off her new look. She wrote, “Day 4 post-op and what better way for someone who’s always doing the most to jump back into work than an interview with @extratv. Make sure to watch— and if you have any questions for me of your own, ask below!”

This time, the comments were much kinder. Caroline Stanbury, who is set to appear on Real Housewives of Dubai commented a simple, “Wow.” New RHOBH housewife Diana Jenkins added, “That looks amazing.” I have to agree.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]