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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Is Developing An “All In By Teddi” Reality Show

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is an enigma, wrapped in 500 calorie a day servings and boredom. Bravo fans don’t usually get what they ask for, but when Teddi was unceremoniously dropped from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, sighs of thanks were heard across the land. It would be difficult to pin down only one reason Teddi was fired, but a scandal surrounding her All In By Teddi diet program certainly didn’t help.

Teddi’s departure from RHOBH didn’t impact the flow of the show because she didn’t offer much aside from being Kyle Richards’ sidekick. But lack of substance isn’t holding Teddi back! It seems she has been busy with her free time and may or may not return to reality television! It’s what we’ve all been waiting for – said no one ever. Now Teddi catches everyone up on her new plans and what’s in store for taking All your money In by Teddi going forward.

Teddi is a wife, mother, and friend of Kyle. What more could a girl ask for? If you answered a new television show, ding, ding, ding! Teddi has taken advantage of some down time by making moves in her career and even trying to repair friendships with former cast mates. Wonder if she would like to ask Erika Jayne how her pretend amnesia is doing? Life goes on, even after you get a pink slip, and Teddi is ready to make her next move.

According to TheThings, we might see Teddi back on our televisions in the near future. Grab your one grape and an almond if you’re feeling saucy! Teddi gives an update, “I’ve been developing a show based on All In actually. I would love to do something that’s helping others and using the platform to help change lives. I have a couple of other shows I would love to be a part of! They’re on my vision board.” No word on whether or not a personality is on the vision board. If you’re usual diet consists of, oh, I don’t know, what a rabbit would eat – this might be your lucky day!


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While Teddi gets her ducks in a row and prepares to share All In by Teddi with the world, is it possible we could be lucky enough to see a potential program on Bravo? Teddi didn’t burn any bridges and even Andy Cohen spoke up about how refreshing it was for a Housewife to acknowledge she was #firedbybravo. Daddy has the connections to make it happen, though he may tap out of this one seeing as Bravo really doesn’t need ANOTHER sketchy business being highlighted on the network. Thanks a lot, Jen Shah.

So who’s ready for All In by Teddi live and in color? Go get your Jane Fonda leotards and have 911 on speed dial because it might be headed our way. Teddi is coming in hot and she’s ready to sweat and get you skinny. Who knows, maybe we would even see celebrity guests from time to time. After all, Erika might need that $300 appearance fee soon. Stay tuned, it’s all happening!


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