Teddi Mellencamp Claims She No Longer Misses Being On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Sutton Stracke said it best — Teddi Mellencamp was just downright boring on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her all-in program sounded like a disaster in the making. Otherwise, her story was stale. Her bestie Kyle Richards was her only fan and tried her hardest to make us #TeamTeddi to no avail. Actually, I take it back – Garcelle Beauvais put it best: Teddi is a gnat.

Teddi has plenty of conspiracy theories about why she was fired from RHOBH and left looking like a fool. It seems like she just can’t accept that she isn’t Real Housewives material. She’s just not interesting. People don’t want to watch her. It’s why she was voted off first from Celebrity Big Brother. On RHOBH, she was part of the mean girl group gang-ups and she has no memorable moments from her time on the show. In general, she’s a pretty forgettable character.

In her post RHOBH era, Teddi is doing what many fired former reality stars do after their TV career — she started a podcast. To reinforce the fact even more, she teamed up with Real Housewives of Orange County alum Tamra Judge. Sounds about right. While Tammy Sue might want to bring her new buddy back onto RHOC, we don’t want her in any capacity. Tamra, on the other hand, is the antithesis of Teddi. She can’t help but make captivating TV, even if you try your hardest not to watch.

So why are we talking about Teddi? She decided to post some RHOBH throwbacks on Instagram and make some lofty claims. Teddi posted an entire photo album of her reality TV glory days. But in the caption, she claims she’s finally over being fired. Sure, Jan.

Teddi claims watching the recent RHOBH trailer was, for the first time, not difficult to watch. “It took me a full season to recover from that breakup but I am so glad I have. I mean, now I get paid by @iheartradio to watch and talk about ALL the things afterwards,” she said. I mean, good for Teddi that she found some way to capitalize off her 15-seconds that fulfills her. But do I believe that she won’t try her darndest to make future cameos on Real Housewives episodes? Absolutely not.

In the caption, Teddi went on and on about how grateful she was for her time on the show and her excitement to watch Season 12. Truthfully, it was drawn out and boring like her diamond-holding career. But good for you, Teddi.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]