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Real Housewives Of Dubai Trailer: Caroline Stanbury Makes Bravo Return; Phaedra Parks Makes An Unexpected Cameo

Ready or not, Real Housewives of Dubai is coming our way. There are a lot of unknowns about Bravo’s first international Housewives city. We know it will feature Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury and it’s sure to be filled with over-the-top wealth and elegance. Otherwise, it’s mostly a mystery.

Finally, Bravo has dropped the first trailer for the next Real Housewives city that’s the biggest teaser so far, via PeopleAside from Caroline, RHODubai has a whole new cast of friends. We have Nina Ali, a lifestyle content creator and married mom of three. Then there’s Chanel Ayan, Dubai’s first Black supermodel and the expert on all things fashion. Caroline Brooks is your typical hustler — she’s a first-generation American who moved to Dubai to work in real estate and build her dream life. Dr. Sara Al Madani is a public speaker native to the United Arab Emirates who is twice divorced and looking for love. And Lesa Milan is a mom with a fashion line, and a former Miss Jamaica winner, so we have a pageant queen in the mix.

The trailer is as fabulous as you can expect. If you thought Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was the upper crust, this is an entirely new level. “Anything is possible with Dubai,” Caroline says. “Most of the women are running this town.” It might be the land of opportunity, but the teaser is hinting that it’s also the land of secrets and drama.

Caroline spends this season settling into life with her new (and much younger) husband, soccer player Sergio Carallo. He might want another kid which she’s unsure about — the age-old reality TV storyline. OG. Even though she’s living her best life as a luxury brand ambassador, she finds herself in some drama with her new co-stars. “Play with your boy toy bitch, don’t play with me,” Lesa says in a confessional toward Caroline. “I’m not the one.”

Even though it’s at the end of the trailer, one of the biggest shockers from the RHODubai trailer is that Phaedra Parks of Real Housewives of Atlanta makes an unexpected cameo. “Give me the tea honey! I’m very thirsty,” she says in one moment while looking like a Dubai princess. I know she’s controversial, but I’m so happy Phaedra is coming back to Bravo in some capacity. There’s just no one like Miss Parks.

One of the most interesting characters in the trailer is Chanel. She’s beautiful, but also has a dark past. In one scene, she confesses her experience with childhood abuse and trauma, leaving her to struggle in relationships with men. It’s not all heavy, though — she’s shooting a photoshoot with camels in the desert who are trying to eat her avant-garde outfit. Only in Dubai. She also hates exercise and literally falls on her face while trying to do yoga. “The only exercise I do is doing my husband,” she says. I smell a legend incoming.

Brooks’ storyline is also interesting as she’s working on opening up a spa with some questionable partners. Her ex-husband is developing the project and her ex-boyfriend is investing in it. “It’s very expensive to cheat on me,” she says coyly. Again, legend, but it also sounds like an unavoidable disaster.

Dr. Sara seems like she’ll have the comedic kids in the bunch. Over a posh meal, she’s talking about how she’s been married twice. A kid who I assume is hers comes up and corrects her that it’s been three times. Whether or not that’s even true is TBD. “I think he’s got gossip, come here,” Nina says after the hilarious moment. She also makes an ominous comment that is seemingly questioning one of her costars relationships. “If a man is paying for you, he’s in control of you,” she says. Chills. I need to know all of this tea immediately. Thankfully, RHODubai premieres on Bravo on June 1, so we don’t have much longer to wait.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]