Lala Kent’s Ex Randall Emmett Sued For $10 Million In Damages Due To Alleged Unpaid Loan

More legal trouble for Randall Emmett. The movie producer, who is best known for being Vanderpump Rules’ star Lala Kent’s ex-fiance, is facing another lawsuit. Back in April, news broke that he was slapped with a lawsuit for “conspiracy to commit fraud” on another one of his direct-to-streaming films. The movie starred Mel Gibson and was released in 2020. The suit accuses Randall and his producing partner of intentional misrepresentation, fraudulent concealment, conspiracy to defraud, and breach of contract.

Now Radar Online has obtained court documents on a new lawsuit against Randall. This time, the plaintiffs want Randall to pay $10.8 million in damages for defaulting on a loan. Once again, Randall, his producing partner and his production company are named as the defendants.

As per the court documents, a UK-based company The Fyzz Facility (TFF) is claiming breach of contract. They are alleging that they entered into a bridge loan agreement with Randall et all to provide a $4 million loan to produce the film Mexicali.

The terms were that producers had to use the money for the film only. In addition, withdrawing of funds had to be approved by TFF and Gerard Butler had to star in the film. Finally, it was agreed upon that accounting would be shared regularly.


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Apparently, after loaning out the $4 million, TFF later found out that $1.25 million was paid to Gerard’s talent agency. Court documents read, “Neither Borrower nor defendants have repaid any of the monies advanced under the Bridge Loan Facility.”

TFF alleges that they found out in March of 2020 that Randall had used the money to pay the movie star for another movie called Hair of The Dog. TFF claims that Randall did not have the green light from them to do so. In addition, Randall and his partner were supposed to pay back the loan from fees earned on other projects. TFF said that didn’t happen.


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This is just part of a series of legal troubles for Randall, who is also being sued by his landlord for unpaid rent on his Los Angeles office. He allegedly stopped paying his $17K a month in rent and moved out prior to the lease being over. Randall countersued, saying that the landlord shut down the building during the pandemic therefore, he couldn’t use his office. The suit has yet to be resolved.

As for Randall’s personal life, back in October of 2021, he requested that courts lower his child support to former wife, Ambyr Childers. The exes share two daughters and Randall claimed he was “close to bankruptcy” trying to maintain the payments.


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In the request, it was also revealed that Randall owed $500K to the IRS. Finally, Lala has yet to file anything official in court, but has said that she will seek to obtain full custody of their one year-old daughter, Ocean Kent Emmett. While they are still coparenting, Lala has said she’s doing it with the least contact possible.


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