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Teresa Giudice’s Fiance Luis Ruelas Allegedly Pushed His Ex-Wife Into A Metal Pole

More troubling allegations are coming out about Teresa Giudice’s fiance, Luis “Louie” Ruelas. Since the couple got together, rumors of abuse and toxic relationships have followed Louie. Teresa did her best to shut it down on Real Housewives of New Jersey this season. But one thing she can’t control is the interment.

Page Six is now reporting on another incident of alleged domestic violence that involved Louie. A police report obtained by the publication details a dispute between Louie and ex-wife, Marisa DiMartino. In 2012, Marisa accused Louie of pushing her into a metal pole during a “heated argument.” The police report reads,  “[Marisa] reported that after her estranged husband dropped off the children the two began to argue over finances. The dispute became heated and culminated with [Louie] pushing [Marisa] into a metal support pole in the garage.”

The report was filed one day after the alleged altercation. It continued, “This action took place in the presence of the couple’s son. [Marisa] refused medical attention and was adamant that she did not wish to sign a charge.” No arrest was made as Marisa declined to press charges. The former couple have two sons together.

Prior to this, another report was filed by Marisa on New Year’s Eve in 2010. Marisa claimed that she and Louie had a “verbal dispute” that caused her to leave their family home. That report reads, “[Marisa] states she had a verbal dispute with [Louie], her husband. [Marisa] states they are going through a divorce and [Louie] came to the house and got into an argument with her. [Marisa] left residence.” No arrest was made after Marisa declined to press charges.

After their divorce, the couple continued to have issues while co-parenting. A third police report was filed by Marisa on June of 2016 during a custody exchange. Marisa told police, “My ex-husband came to pick up my son [at] approx 6:00. He wanted to exchange words and I did not want to come to [the] door. He continue [sic] ringing and banging on [the] door till I opened, scaring my other son, [redacted], upstairs.” She added, “At drop off he shouted names in front of both children as he sped off with second son who he claims wants to live with him.”

Marisa also said that Louie was abusive in that report. Questions on the report included whether or not Louie has ever “threatened to kill [her] or [their] children” and “has the physical violence increased in frequency or severity over the years?” Marisa checked “yes” for both boxes. In addition, when asked if Louie had been “violently and constantly jealous,” she also checked “yes.” Marisa did deny that Louie “strangled or choked” her or had “beaten [her] while [she] was pregnant.” She also selected “no” when asked if there was “reasonable cause to suspect a child may be the victim of abuse, neglect, mistreatment or endangerment.” Due to Marisa’s answers on the report, the Police Department referred her to the NYS Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline. Again, no charges were pressed and no arrest was made from the dispute.

Reps for Teresa and Louie couldn’t be reached for comment. But a source said, “Despite going through a divorce several years ago, Louie and Marisa are in a very good place and are both very actively involved with one another in co-parenting their two boys. Marisa has met Teresa, as Joe [Giudice] has met Louie. Everyone gets along. That’s the real story here.”

Perviously, Louie’s ex-fiance, Vanessa Reiser, filed a suit against him in 2020. She claimed that he would become enraged if she didn’t have sex with him. The lawsuit was settled out of court and the terms remain undisclosed. Another ex-fiance, Paula Sanchez, accused Louie of the same demands for sex. An insider alleged, “Ninety-nine percent of their fights were because he was complaining that they weren’t having enough sex. If they had sex like four times in one day, there was a complaint.” A rep for Louie made a statement to Page Six at the time. The rep stated, “These people need to get a life and move on. He has, it’s time for them to do the same.”

In addition to the abuse allegations from Louie’s exes, he was also charged with simple assault during a road rage incident in 2018. More recently, Louie’s company is being sued by several people alleging illegal practices. Louie revealed during the RHONJ reunion that he was asked to leave his company. He also said of his ex-wife’s claims, “If I’m the only guy in America that basically had arguments with his wife and she basically walks in and calls the police, that’s the extent of it.”

Teresa and Louie got engaged in October of 2021 and are set to get married in New Jersey later this summer.


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