Kelly and Shannon reconnect

Fans Drag Shannon Beador For Hanging Out With Kelly Dodd

I’m not really sure when it happened or why, but Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd are friends. The two butted heads plenty during their time on Real Housewives of Orange County but it looks like those days are over. Despite Kelly constantly attacking Shannon’s current costars, Shannon seems to be quite cozy with Kelly.

But fans are not feeling it. As reported by Page Six, Shannon got read for filth after posting a picture of them together. The two celebrated Memorial Day together at a party hosted by former Bravo star Jeff Lewis. Shannon posted multiple photos of the affair for her 1.3 million Instagram followers to see. In multiple pictures, Shannon and Kelly are happily posing with their arms around one another.

Unfortunately for Shannon, her comments section lit up with criticism for hanging out with Kelly. One fan referenced Kelly’s recent comments about the Uvalde elementary school shooting. Kelly insensitively tweeted out her thoughts on the matter, comparing the mass shooting to 9/11. The user wrote, “Really Shannon you’re still friends with Kelly? After the things she said about the school shooting in Uvalde. You are the company you keep.”

Another person added, “I thought you were better than this, @shannonbeador and @heathermcdonald. Hanging with Kelly Dodd? Seriously?” They added an eye roll emoji. Yet another person chastised Shannon and said, “@shannonbeador still hanging out with Kelly Dodd not a good look. I guess you’re showing us who you really are. Guilty by association. Definitely not my favorite RHOC member anymore.”

But others were excited to see the pair together again. Said one commenter, “I’m so happy you and Kelly are still friends.” Another gushed, “Pretty girls. Kelly never looked so good and happy nice to see your friends.” They used a bunch of clapping emojis and a heart emoji for emphasis.

While I am surprised that Kelly and Shannon are friends, I’m not surprised Shannon got dragged. Kelly has really been on one lately, and it’s not a good look. Even if you agree with some of her opinions, she recently went after her stepdaughter in a public tirade. And it was bad.

After Kelly and her husband, Rick Leventhal, weren’t invited to his grown daughter Veronica Leventhal’s wedding, Kelly went off on social media. Kelly tweeted, “Who doesn’t invite their own Dad to their wedding? Everyone knows she’s a narcissistic spoiled brat ! [My daughter] Jolie [Dodd] and my friends hate her. Rick’s friends hate her as well!! Always two sides to a story !” In another tweet, Kelly called Veronica “evil” and a “spoiled brat.”

Rick later defended Kelly, saying that she wasn’t the cause of them not being invited. But the whole incident was just another low for Kelly. Just when you thought she couldn’t get any lower.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]